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Palpa Trip



At distance 317 Km from Kathmandu, is Palpa situated at the southern slope of the Mahabharat range and the Himalayas. A district under province no. 5, in the Lumbini zone Western Development Region

Palpa’s high hills command an impressive view of Nepal in all directions with the great Madi valley in the west and the Kali Gandaki River along its northern border. Talking about people here, most of them follow Hinduism followed by Buddhism. A few Muslims and Christians also resides here.

The main attractions of the district are Ranimahal (Ranighat), Srinagar Danda, Vairabsthan temple, Palpa Durbar, Ridi. Srinagar Danda is a 1600m (Tansen) high hill just north of Tansen, the headquarter of this district. A magnificent view is seen from the tower over the Kali Gandaki River of the Himalayas. The dense pine forest is the southern slope and natural vegetation with the national flower ‘Rohodendron’ in the northern slope is popular for naturalist.

Furthermore, the other architecturally important place is Ranimahal, popular as Taj Mahal of Nepal built by Khadga Shamser JBR in 1894 AD, on the monument of the deep love of his queen Tej Kumari. It is a very nice palace built above a single huge stone nearby Kali Gandaki River.

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Similarly, Bhairavthan, the largest ‘Trishul’ – a symbol of Lord Shiva is also the next attraction mainly for the Hindus.

Furthermore, Ridi situated at about 20 km northwest of Tansen is also a pilgrimage site. Similarly, Rishikesh Mandir, a popular pagoda style Mandir and Ridi River have considered to be a pilgrimage site. Main in 1st Magh pilgrims all over the country visit here to take the sacred bath in the river and pay homage to the temple.

Palpa is famous for various kinds of handicrafts and cottage industries. Furthermore, one of which is a typical water jug, Karuwa of bronze. People visiting Palpa are always eager to buy it as a souvenir. Similarly, People Dhaka is quite famous one of the main item of which is Dhaka topic which is popular nationally and internationally. Other, Dhaka products are shawls, purse, etc.

Furthermore, one can easily get here as there is direct bus service between Kathmandu and Tansen, Pokhara and Tansen, between Bhairahawa and Tansen and between other different places.

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