Jungle Safari

Nepal easily symbolizes one of the affluent nations in the world. The nation of the mountains and adventure does not limit itself with mountains alone but Nepal is equally rich in its offering flora and fauna. Over 900 species of birds and 208 species of mammals call Nepal their home. Nepal’s offering of wild animals and vegetation is rich and well varied as Nepal shares three major climatic conditions. In the higher northern side of the Mountain range, the weather is cold. Similarly, in the hilly region, the climate is moderate with no extreme heat and cold. And finally, there is the Terai region which is hot. This amazing combination of climate facilitates all unique plants and animals. Jungle Safari in Nepal renders some of -the mind-settling scenery of green pastures, lakes, hundreds of flora, and amazing fauna.

We are naturally inclined towards mother nature as humans depend on nature for existence. So, Jungle Safari Package rewards you the chance to see and experience mother nature in its pure raw form. Duke Nepal Tour organizes the best safari packages in Nepal highlighting Chitwan & Bardiya Safari packages. We don’t encourage the usage of animals for human entertainment, so elephant ride is out of league here. In this amazing journey into the deep woods of Nepal, if lucky we will encounter Royal Bengal Tiger, Gharial Crocodiles, Big elephants, Leopards, Bear, and much more.

Engaging in safari packages with knowledgeable naturalists and environmentalist is all worthy of your time and money. But Safari packages in Nepal are a different experience altogether. So, come and book the following value for money safari packages with the Duke Nepal tour right now.