About Duke Nepal Tour

Duke Nepal Adventure is led by young, motivated & energetic professionals from the tourism sector. The only priority of Duke Nepal is to provide top quality service to satisfy our customers in every way possible. We are committed to making your trip hassle and stress-free throughout your stay in Nepal. Duke Nepal accommodates customers from all around the world, offering them what they love and need. We provide the best you can get, and we believe in customer-business relationships making yours and our relationship stronger.

Duke Nepal believes in sustainability, and we want our forthcoming generation to experience nature and live a healthy life. The main motive of our organisation is providing quality service and highlighting the essence of global sustainability. Our organisation actively participates in a lake conservation program with the government body “National Lake Conservation Development Committee.”

We believe in making Nepal a better place to live, and we practice sustainable tourism in every possible way.

Duke Nepal has created unforgettable tours and holidays for all enthusiastic travellers travelling to our beautiful country, Nepal. We continue to offer new ways to travel every year with more than 100 tours and trips, including Lumbini, Pokhara, Lumbini, Dharan, and the Himalayas.

Innovation in Travel

Furthermore, our family company Duke Nepal Adventure guided by Managing Director Pradeep Acharya, pride itself on innovating. Similarly, we proudly say Duke Nepal Adventure is the first to create an insider and outsider experience, living and dining with local people, enabling our guests to appreciate the typical Nepali lifestyle and our authentic culture.

Sustainable tourism

Besides travelling and organising the tour and trip for the travellers, helping to protect and take care of the places we visit is important to us. Thus we’re proud to be part of the National Lake Conservation Committee, a joint initiative by the Nepal Duke Adventure brand family, which works to sustain environments and communities around Nepal for future generations.