Thailand is always bustling with the movement of the locals. The colourful bazaars, out scaled monuments, floating market, fascinating beach and much other attraction exists in Thailand for you to enjoy. Thailand highlights the buzzing sex tourism with the accompany of natural and architectural masterpieces alluring you. Thailand offerings are such that it makes you its fan, but some of the prime things to make you engaged are;

  •  You can experience never stopping market in downtown Thailand.
  • Thailand is beaches and beaches so that you can experience the beauty of blue beaches.
  • You can trek into the tropical jungles of Thailand.
  • Thai cuisines are delicious with the usage of different ingredients. 
  • You can explore the historical monuments and ruins dating back centuries.
  • Thailand renders some of the best world's best diving experience

Thailand General Information

Official Name- Kingdom of Thailand

Meaning of the name- Thailand (meaning the Land of the free)

Capital – Bangkok or Krung Thep in Thai and Thai translates to the City of Angel.

Geography- Thailand lies in the heart of the Southeast Asia mainland. Thailand is a nation full of green mountains, hills, plains & long coastline, the long Gulf of Thailand & the Andaman Sea. Thailand borders Myanmar and Lao PDR in the north, Lao PDR again in easy and Cambodia to south Malaysia. Thailand land area is 1600km from north to south, and the east-west measures 870km.

Area- The total land area of Thailand is 514,000 sq. km. The maritime economic zone covers the area of 72,200 sq. km in the Andaman Sea and 140,000 sq. km in the Gulf of Thailand, totalling 212,200 sq. km.

Population – Thailand shares a multi-ethnic population of 64.1 million.

Climate- The climate in Thailand ranges from sub-tropical to tropical zones, with three different seasons. Thailand has a hot and dry season from February to May, a monsoon season from June to October and an excellent dry season from November to January. The average temperature of Thailand varies from low at 23 °C to the high of 32.2 °C.

Language- Thai is the national and official language of Thai as this is a tonal language, and dialect varies in different regions. Another language spoken here in Thailand is Chinese and Malay, and English is widely spoken and taught as a compulsory subject of the secondary school curriculum.

Currency- Thailand’ currency is Baht. The notes are in 20 Baht (green), 50 Baht (blue), 100 Baht (red), 500 Baht (purple) and 1,000 Baht (brown) denominations. The exchange rate can be checked daily and might be subject to fluctuations.

National Flag- Thailand national flag is five horizontal red, white, and blue bands representing national unity, religious purity, and the respected monarchy.

Religion- Buddhism is the primary religion of Thailand as over 90% of the population follows it. Other religion includes Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Sikhism.

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