Religious Tours

The abundance of natural beauty is not the only thing we hear of Nepal. Nepal is a nation of culture, tradition, colour and festivals. Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, is known as the city of temples in the world. The two major religions i.e., Hinduism and Buddhism, emerge from Nepal and temples and gompas are seen everywhere you go. These sacred temples and stupa carry a rich history and religious powers for preserving and protecting nature and its components. In Nepal, it is said that God lives in a difficult place, and Duke Nepal Tour manages and organises different religious tours so that you can tell your heart out to god and pray, cry, and feel alive again. We organise Muktinath Tour Package, Pathivara Tour, Swargadwari Tour, Janakpur Tour and other religious sites. We have been organising these tours since our inception and continue to do so. Please allow us to be your travel partner in reaching the most sacred site in this part of the world. Please check our complete packages below;