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Just Play With Colors-No Child Labor #dukenepal

No Child Labor

No Child Labor
Duke Nepal | Kathmandu 
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Duke Nepal is in the campaign No Child Labor so that the society can be child labor free. Children doing long and heavy works by leaving school prematurely or lacking them to attend schooling due to which they are being harmed mentally and physically including social behavior is mostly called child labor according to the International Labor Organization. There are 246 million child laborers worldwide and mostly in the countries like Nepal, India, Pakistan, Srilanka etc. in which child works on the profit margins industries such as export, agriculture, construction, stone quarries, carpet weaving, glass etc. Mostly children around the world start their life by getting an education and playing with colors but children who just took birth in the marginalized family. Family members themselves designed there working schedule immediately after the birth.

Nepal and Child Labor

Looking in Nepal specifically children are  in the factory, mines and quarry, plantation, domestic service, shopkeeper, transportation, porters, construction works, street works, commercial sexual exploitation etc. The country is being marked as the poorest and most underdeveloped nation in the worlds. Inequalities also create the discrimination against the minority groups and contributed to Nepalese children entering the workforce. The power and money in the hands of a having an advantage or opportunity that most people do not have makes the bulk of the Nepali population remains in poverty. Because of this rural poverty migrates the people in urban areas with the hope of employment.

Child Labor Data

The female child laborers are more in comparison to the male and worse in rural areas. According to the Nepal Labor Force Survey (NLFS), 88.77% of the children are being employed in the agricultural sector. 1.4% children are in the manufacturing, 0.3 in construction, 1.6% in shopkeeper, 1.0% in hotels and restaurants, 0.1% in households and 6.9% in other types of industries such as cottage and small-scale industries. The child labor slowly creates a negative impacts in the development of the country. If children are being involved in the different types of employment at the age of proper schooling and then guiding the country may lack proper human resources in the future.


Before few years child labor is less due to the lack of demand of  materials from the European market. Mostly European market stops demanding from the India and Nepal. There should be conduct different types of  awareness program which can aware the children of the areas and their parents. There are different types of INGO and NGO which are working for the elimination of child labor. So government should give the open platform to conduct the different types of program and project for them.

The literacy rate of the Nepalese population is comparatively low in comparison to the other countries. One of the easiest ways to eliminate the child labor is to create easier access to the education.

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