General Information

Best Time to Visit

The months of May to September are the best time to visit there.

Physical Preparation

Fitness Level: Moderate to high. Prior hiking experience and acclimatization to excessive altitudes are encouraged. It is just a concern but old age people are also traveling there.

Medical Check-up: Consult a doctor before embarking on the experience due to the high altitudes and bodily demands.

Cultural and Religious Significance

Hinduism: Mount Kailash is considered the earthly manifestation of Mount Meru, the axis mundi of the sector.

Buddhism: Believed to be the home of Demchok, representing splendid bliss.

Jainism: Associated with the primary Tirthankara, Rishabhadeva.

Tips for Travelers

Packing: Layered apparel for various temperatures, snug trekking footwear, non-public medicines, and toiletries.

Respect Local Customs: Follow nearby traditions and suggestions during the tour.

Hydration and Nutrition:  We request you drink lots of water and maintain a balanced food regimen to address the altitude.

Climate Change: Gradually, Temperature are increasing order from a recent survey.




Best Places

Mt Kailash


Potala Palace


Festivals and Customs

 Losar or Tibetan new year, Saga Dawa, Monlam Prayer festival, Shoton festival and horse racing Festival.

Do's and Dont's

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Amazing Facts

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VISA & Processing

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