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Taste Thamel

Taste of Thamel

Taste of Thamel

Thamel, known as a tourist hub, is one of the most popular places in Kathmandu. However, it’s not only tourists’ who make a pit stop at this place, locals too frequent Thamel for night outs and evening strolls. The reason for Thamel’s popularity is its ghetto environment and its many shops renowned for the wide array of products they sell; from bric-a-brac to hand woven pashminas. Thamel is also home to numerous travel agencies, pubs, bars and restaurants. Taste Thamel tells  you about things to do in Thamel, Kathmandu.

Places to Eat

There are plenty of restaurants in Thamel. From sophisticated places to hap ones. The specialty of Thamel is that there are both expensive and budget restaurants. You can also spot various food stalls while wandering in the streets of Thamel. If you are a tight on budget then there are places like BKs that offers you the best French fries in town. And if you are more of a high end restaurants type then go to places like New Orleans, Fire and Ice, Road House café et cetera. Similarly, if you want to go to the most happening hangouts then head to Electric Pagoda (EP), Phat Kath, Tamas, H2O and many more. If you are a music lover then go to Funky Buddha, The Factory or even Purple Haze.


Shopping is definitely something one should not miss while visiting Thamel. Thamel is home to so many shops. You’ll find from apparels to decorating items for your house. If you are visiting Nepal for the first time you can also pick up
souvenirs for your loved ones back home. Shop for handicrafts, knick knacks or anything you can lay your hands on that’s made locally.

Ride the Rickshaw

If you walk around Thamel you will see that there are many rickshaws in unison. Take a tour in Thamel by riding the rickshaw. You will definitely perceive this place in a different perspective through a rickshaw plus it would be a wonderful experience as well. If you haven’t tried this yet, do it. There is always a first time.

Night Life

Night life is on what Thamel thrives. There are various pubs, bars and night clubs situated in Thamel. If you are a party person then Thamel is definitely the place for you. Go hit the dance floor at  Club OMG, Purple Haze or Full Moon Club.

Explore the Streets

There are many alleyways in Thamel with various shops and vendors. Sometimes in life you should explore things on your own. Go to places you have never been to. Discover things on your own and hopefully find yourself.

Get Inked

Furthermore, Thamel is home to numerous tattoo parlours. If you are a tattoo fanatic then you should definitely get tattoo here. Mohan’s Tattoo Inn is one of the best in Nepal. Founded by renowned tattoo artist Mohan Gurung, the tattoo inn is situated in the heart of Thamel itself. Besides Mohan’s Tattoo Inn there are several popular places such as Gagan Tattoo Inn, Buddha Tattoo, JADS Tattoo and many more.

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