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Social Work Nepal

Social Work Nepal


Social Work Nepal

This Social Work Nepal blog takes you to to the story of  helping hands after massive earthquake in Nepal. A group of students distributed bags, copies and other stationery to the students of Shree Mahendra Primary School, Kafaldada, Nuwakot. The school had around thirty students’ from primary to fifth grade, who were happy to get new bags and copies. Similarly, the school administration was very thankful to the students and received the help wholeheartedly.

The school building receives a red sticker indicating “Danger” which forces the school to be shut down for months. This resulted in massive dropouts of previous students from the school. Later a village local gion again from its own building. The school now runs inside a temporary tin house without proper infrastructure.ave his land to resume the school temporarily until the school could funct

“What these youths have done was a much needed help”, says the principal of the school Prem Prasad Pathak. He hopes that the bags and stationary will motivate students to keep studying which is likely to reduce the school drop outs. Furthermore, he requests for further assistance and motivation for students to continue studying and parents to continue sending their children to school. Similarly, He claims that academic helps are much welcome and will help a great deal in keeping children studying.

Bipul Pandey| Nuwakot | Photo: Bipul Pandey | Duke Nepal Adventure



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