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Night Life Fascinating City

Night life in fascinating City

Night Life; Fascinating City

Pokhara is the second largest city of Nepal after Kathmandu. Being the natural capital, city attracts lots of people with its flora and fauna. Along with the natural resources, other things make the place center of attraction among Nepalese as well as foreign people such as its ‘Night Life’.  Night Life Fascinating City blog takes you to intimating night life of Pokhara.

In a country like Nepal, nightlife is very uncommon. People usually don’t go night out. So, a place likes Pokhara, known for its natural beauty has become a good place for the night life because of the number of restaurant, bars and café.

In this busy world every person has a busy life and hectic schedule.  People are more focused on their work during daytime. So, Pokhara has been a midpoint for those people who want to enjoy the night life. We can go out, have a party or dinner, can stay out under the sky enjoying the nature and of course live music.

The city is main gateway for the trekkers into the Annapurna region. The place is also the headquarters for rafters, kayakers, paragliders, and mountain bikers. So the city turns into the place for the relaxation and tension when it gets dark

Not every part of Pokhara has a night life. It is centered on lakeside. Many of the stores open during the night and remain close during the day. All the hotels and restaurants are open for the night up to 1-2 A.M. There will be no problem for the transportation. Even the security is very high. People who want to enjoy night life can just relax without any worry. They can just enjoy the moments of their life..

Just imagine, how it would be?? We can have that experience in Pokhara.

We can roam around the beautiful lakes seeing its beauty in the night. But, we can’t boat during the night; it’s too risky.

Anukul Regmi | Pokhara | Photo: Price of Travel | Duke Nepal

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