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Langtang North Lumbini South

Langtang in North to Lumbini in South

Langtang North Lumbini South

Duke Nepal |Palpa

The April 2015 Nepal earthquake killed 8,000 people and injured more than 20,000 which occurred at 11:56 AM with a magnitude of 7.8. The main epicenter was Gorkha, Barpak and it hits approximately 8.2km depth which is considered as the worst natural disaster since the 1934. The earthquake activates the huge avalanche on Mt. Everest which killed 21 and another avalanche in the Langtang valley reported 250 people missing. Langtang North Lumbini South is the blog for those who have deep interest in natural beauty on Nepal.

My Experience

I thought of travelling and experiencing the lifestyle of Mountain, Hilly and Terai region after the one year of earthquake. The many countries and international communities are still reporting Nepal is not safe for travelling.

All the tourist and trekking infrastructure is open. The hotels and restaurants in the tourist district of Kathmandu are open, similarly in Patan and Bhaktapur, Pokhara, Lumbini and Chitwan. The major trekking routes such as Langtang and Manaslu circuit are popular and the local restaurant and guest house in these area.

I was in the Langtang Valley in the beginning of this month. The old path along the Langtang Lirung river side from the Syaprubesi has lots of landslide. The hotels and café are still closed, but the mesmerizing view of the forest, wild bee and frequently spotted wild animals such as the monkey, snow leopard, dear makes the first day of trekking very interesting. The Langtang Valley Trek is open for the trekkers.

Further Information

After the Lantang Valley Trek I went to the Pokhara. The city is main gateway for the trekkers into the Annapurna region. The place is also the headquarters for rafters, kayakers, paragliders, and mountain bikers. Much lower than the capital, at 800m above sea level, the climate is pleasant but occasionally humid. The place is cooler than the plains in summer and warmer than Kathmandu in winter. The Phewa Tal (Lake), known among locals as the Pokhara shining lake is the main attraction for those visiting. The hotels, guest house, restaurants, bars, shops and the entire tourist place are open.

The three days at Pokhara encourage  me to fee that I live in one of the very beautiful country. I leave Pokhara in the afternoon of the third day for Palpa.

Palpa’s high hills command an impressive view of Nepal in all directions with the great Madi valley in the west and the Kali Gandaki River along its northern border. Talking about people here, most of them follow Hinduiss followed by Buddhism. A few Muslims and Christians also resides here.

Similarly, main attractions of the district are Ranimahal (Ranighat), Srinagar Danda, Vairabsthan temple, Palpa Durbar, Ridi. Srinagar Danda is a 1600m (Tansen) high hill just north of Tansen, the headquarter of this district. A magnificent view is seen from the tower over the Kali Gandaki River of the Himalayas. The dense pine forest is the southern slope and natural vegetation with the national flower ‘Rohodendron’ in the northern slope is popular for naturalist.

More About Nepal

The other architecturally important place not to be missed in Ranimahal, known as Taj Mahal of Nepal built by Khadga Shamser JBR in 1894 AD, on the monument of the deep love of his queen Tej Kumari. It is a very nice palace built above a single huge stone nearby Kali Gandaki River.

Bhairavthan, the largest ‘Trishul’ – a symbol of Lord Shiva is also the next attraction mainly for the Hindus.

Ridi situated at about 20 km northwest of Tansen is also a pilgrimage site. Rishikesh Mandir, a popular pagoda style Mandir and Ridi River have considered to be a pilgrimage site. Main in 1st Magh pilgrims all over the country visit here to take the sacred bath in the river and pay homage to the temple.

Furthermore, Palpa is famous for various kinds of handicrafts and cottage industries. People visiting Palpa are always eager to buy it as a souvenir.  Dhaka is quite famous as one of the main item. Other, Dhaka products are shawls, purse, etc.


One can easily get here as there is direct bus service between Kathmandu and Tansen, Pokhara and Tansen, between Bhairahawa and Tansen and between other different places.

After the Palpa, Tansen I went down in the Lumbini which approximately 4 hours drive from Tansen.  Lumbini is birth place of Gautam Buddha whuch  in the Terai region of Nepal. It is the pilgrimage site for the Buddhist which is in the centre of the Rupendhei District. The adventures ten hours of drive from the Kathmandu will take you in the home of number of international monasteries. According to the Buddhist tradition it is the place where queen Mayadevi gave birth to the Siddartha Gautam who achieved enlighten in an around 500BCE. Lumbini has a number of temples which include the Mayadevi Temple. Similarly, Holy Pond is also lies here the Buddha’s mother took the ritual dip prior to his birth.

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