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Kathmandu Pokhara cheapest tourist bus ticket

Kathmandu Pokhara cheapest tourist bus ticket

Kathmandu Pokhara cheapest tourist bus ticket

Traveller either; Nepali or foreign wants to experience serene beauty of Nepal, Nepal is landlocked country with difficult geographical structure  and reaching different parts of Nepal either requires Land transport or air transport. Transportation is the primary factor of tourism and the value of the overall tourism activity is directly related with the travel experience. So to make this travel experience easy, comfortable and equally satisfying, Duke Nepal Adventure has been investing in the transportation since its beginning phase.  One can get the Kathmandu Pokhara cheapest tourist bus ticket from Duke Nepal Adventure.

Similarly, Duke Nepal Adventure is travel agency that is expert in conducting the hassle free and safe travel packages adding more value to the travel experience. Moreover, the travel experience is directly related with the condition of roads and the condition of the vehicles along with the facilities the vehicle offers. In starvation of providing the quality travel experience, Duke Nepal Adventure started the Kathmandu Pokhara tourist bus service on daily basis. Furthermore, the bus is Sutlej with the capacity of 35 passengers. The seat in the coach is comfortable able to accommodate the client of different height

Coach Facilities

Moreover, the facilities one can get in this luxury coach are:

  • E.D T.V. and Music System
  • Comfortable Seats with belt
  • Air Suspension for Extra Luxury
  • Complimentary Newspaper & Mineral Water
  • A/C and Heating System
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • First Aid Box

Taking care of safety of the guest along with taking care of nature is the priority that was set by Duke Nepal Adventure from the beginning phase. So, in the course of doing that, this coach has preinstalled first aid box, fire extinguisher.

Moreover, One can book the coach entirely for personnel function as well as individual booking is also available. The bus will depart from Kantipath, Kathmandu at 7o’ clock every morning.  It  will depart from Pokhara Tourist Bus Park at 8o’ clock every morning.

Departure Time

To break it down the information of the departure is:

  • Departure from Kantipath, Kathmandu – 07:00 HRS
  • Departure from Pokhara Bus Park – 08:00 HRS

Duke Nepal Adventure is the tour operator that has been investing in the vehicles and will continue to do so.


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