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Seminar hall in pokhara

Found a Location For Your Seminar? What Next??

MICE Tourism-Seminar Hall in Pokhara

Ok, Now you have decided on a perfect location and venue for a seminar in Pokhara. After all you have found the perfect location and venue for your next event in Duke Nepal Adventure’s seminar hall in Pokhara. Now is the time you need to plan out the finer and final details.

You now need to start to think about the seating styles and room layouts for duration of your seminar. Before you book our seminar hall in Pokhara, be sure that we offer various seating styles needed for you . A good seminar hall in Pokhara should be very flexible to the needs of your seminar or training session.  Nowdays, most seminars require desks a desk and internet access. In such cases you should go for a seminar hall in Pokhara that has classroom-style seating style.

Anytime before you do  final booking for a seminar hall in Pokhara, even ours, you should physically visit the location and venue.

Everyone has great photos or videos on their website, but actually visiting the venue will give you a much better idea if it will work for you and your attendees.

You should ta time to ask us, the hosts about parking, transportations, local amenities and what everyone should expect and not expect at the seminar hall in Pokhara.

In the event of you organizing a multi-day workshop with out-of-town attendees, you may want to have people stay overnight . Furthermore, Researches show that free time in the evening often becomes important bonding time.

You will be surprised how much attendee will talk about the information they retained from the seminar.  Similarly, they will be more aware and inspired the next day when they step into the seminar hall in Chitwan.

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