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Exploring Phoksundo

Exploring Phoksundo

Exploring Phoksundo

-Diksha Kandel, Kathmandu

Exploring Phoksundo blog tells the story of Phoksundo National Park. The purpose to visit Dolpa was purely academic. However when we reached there, we could not resist the desire to explore the beauty the place beholds especially we were told by the local Phoksundo Lake that we could reach the lake by walking for 2 to 3 days. Though we didn’t planned anything for trekking neither the shoes nor any other preparation, the two of us decided to reach Phoksundo Lake. Personally I had my exam in 1 week yet leaving Dolpa without reaching the place did not seem right. So at 8thJune, we started our journey at 9 am from Suligadh, accompanied by a local boy working as Game scout in Phoksundo National Park. Exploring Phoksundo blog tells the story of Phoksundo National Park.

Suligadh to Syangta – 3 hours (had lunch at local restaurant)

Syangtato Chepka– 1 hour 15 minutes

Chepka to ryanchi – 5 hrs (spend the night at a motel in Ryanchi)

Ryanchi to Taporicha Boarding School – 1 hour 30 minutes (had lunch)

Taporicha Boarding School to Phoksundo – 4 hour and 30 minutes

The time however depends upon person to person. When the local said that we will reach a place by half hour, it took us one and half hour, whereas when local tourist said it will take 4 hour to reach our destination, we reached in one and half hr. The toughest part of the journey for me was from Chepka to Ryanchi. He local said it will only take 2 hours, but the time passed and destination was nowhere near. There was a moment when we just wanted to return back. The topography was very difficult; completely different to that we were accustomed. There was neither phone facility nor human settlement in between. Every part of the body ached with pain and tiredness regretting the moment when we thought we could make the walk.

Our Experience

When we reached Taporicha School the next day and knew they had phone service, personally that was the best moment for me. The anticipation and excitement when the phone was connecting or the happiness when I heard my mother’s voice was indefinable. Indeed these journeys, definitely makes you realize the importance of family and what home means. Maybe it was the happiness of hearing the voice of loved ones, the 3 hour trekking at Rigmo at a very steep and straight mountain claimed to be the most difficult and risky part of our journey, did not frighten me. However one could not ignore the fact that one slip and you fall down. All the regret that we had in our journey seems to disappear when we first view the waterfall and had a glimpse of Phoksundo Lake.  Then the one hour walk passed so fast.

The place definitely answers why the people attempted such a difficult journey to reach there. It was so pure, calm and serene. There was a moment of clarity when you sit beside the lake and gaze at the deepness of the lake. So it should definitely should be in places to go list. Yes, the journey is challenging, but it is worth it.

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