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Conference Tour Nepal

Conference Tour in Nepal

Conference Tour Nepal

Nepal is a popular meetings and conference destination among the world’s business community. Furthermore, the naturally beautiful setting, conference halls and top hotels provide excellent meeting facilities. Furthermore, Services here are at par with international standards. Similarly, Conference Tour Nepal is the tour by Duke Nepal for potential business client.

• The International Conference Center in Kathmandu is a state-of-the-art convention facility, consisting of numerous halls of different sizes. Similarly, the center provides seating flexibility by multiple halls to cater to various needs.

• The largest hall in the International Conference Center can accommodate as many as 1,046 people.

• Convention Centers apart, numerous standard conference facilities have been built into the luxury hotels. Top venues stand out as Kathmandu and Pokhara.

• Kathmandu is accessible from many major Asian and European cities. Similarly, Kathmandu’s connectivity to several cities of Asia and Europe by direct flight makes the mesmerizing capital, with its many attractions, an ideal MICE destination.

• With growing concept of work retreats, this gateway to the Himalayan nation offers superb options for work and recreation to go together.

• Be it before, during or after the conference, delegates from around the world can enjoy in Nepal a Himalayan holiday.

•Furthermore,  Nepal has all ingredients that a MICE destination should have: the true feeling of hospitality, smiling faces, festivals throughout the year; adventure tourism, meditation and many more for you to discover on your own.

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