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Chandragiri Hills

We tourism entrepreneurs are close to billionaire!!!

Chandragiri Hills!

Everyone wants to go for a holiday and Kathmandu residents are very much eager to go for holiday and Chandragiri Hills is one of the best destination. They don’t find perfect holiday destination around Kathmandu but a courageous entrepreneurs come to market with different tastes and newer destination close to Kathmandu.

Today we Sudeep Sapkota and I Pradeep Acharya went to Chandra Giri Hill to explore newer destination for Kathmandu residents and foreigners as well. We were so much curious to know about the mega as well as bridging project of corporate and tourism industry. We reached there and brought tickets from ticket counter.  Suddenly we saw huge crowd on ground complaining to the authority as cable car services was stopped for sometimes because of technical problem. We could see many people talking loudly with management about the halt of services. But we did not go there just for fun, we were there as a student’s, entrepreneurs and endorser of tourism. So, every activity of civilians and management was an input for us to know the business closely.

New Destination!

After 15 minutes, Cable car service started. We already came to first row of the queue so, we got chance to enter in station immediately. We entered in cable car with little bit fear but were also excited to experience newly launched Cable car in Kathmandu. Thankfully, we did not face any disturbance at our 9 minutes riding. Finally, we reached Chandra Giri hill station. The views were stunning, they were simply breathtaking. We do saw visitors there dancing with their own tone of music. We bought Ice Creams from one of the stalls from beautiful ladies salesgirl.

There are so many small shops outside the cable car station i.e. Ice cream shop, Popcorn shop, coffee shop etc. One can simply experience spectacular view of Kathmandu Valley from the Chandragiri.  Road was clean and crowd was also same at top of hill station. We worshiped Bhaleswor Mahadev temple and returned back to explore other part of the attraction. Luckily, we met NATTA delegates with chairman/ General Manager of the mega Project, Mr Chandra Dhakal. I have a huge respect for Chandra Dhakal as he came from remote village and became billionaire. He is also a management graduate and his effort has been always exemplary for all of us who wants to create own identity in Nepal.

What to Expect!

We roamed all areas of the station and project with the super guide of Chairman Chandra Dhakal. People will get zip flyer very soon near Kathmandu under the same management in Chandragiri itself. We visited seminar hall of the station which can accomodate150 individuals at once. Most of areas are accessible for differently able people. A view tower, Children Park, Open theatre as well as 4D theatre are major activities of the project. They are planning to officially inaugurate the services very soon with attendance of Prime Minister and President of Nepal.

But still I am so much eager to see many activities for the adults and high end users there to retain the worth of the destination. I also told to Chandra Dhakal about this issue. Management should consider more about environment issue as huge crowd is going there regularly.

It is really amazing experience and huge investment near Kathmandu. This can create lucrative opportunities in Kathmandu. I would like to request you all top level entrepreneurs to take competitive advantages very soon. Because luck in your effort not in your forehead.

Duke Nepal Adventure highly recommends you to pay a visit to this amazing Hill Station as this short trip provides you with the best spiritual experience.

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