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Rara Lake Tour

Best Things To Do In Rara Lake.

Although, the lake is itself a major attraction, there are lots of thing to do in Rara Lake Tour.

Wildlife and Bird watching

Rara lake, being surrounded by smallest national park, has unique wildlife and Birds. You can find 51 species of mammals like musk deer, snow leopard, red panda, blue sheep and 214 species of birds like danfe, munal, Himalayan  snowcrow, kalij in this region. Among them, many species are rare and vulnerable. So, we can say that this area is the paradise for wildlife and bird lovers.

Camping and Camp Firing

Camping sites are available near to National Park and lower Milichaur where you can also do camp firing for the recreation till 10 o’clock at night. You are not allowed to make loud noise after 10 o’clock. It is the rule of National Park which should be abide by any visitor.

Horse Riding

 Horse Riding can be the best option of recreation and adventure for all age group visitors. You can hire horse from the local people for riding. You have to charge according to the hours  for the horse. In addition, you have to pay extra charge for the horse driver if you want hire driver. You can explore the magnificent view of Rara lake by riding on the bank of the lake. You can also ride in the nearly horse riding trail.


You can also do cycling around the Rara lake by hiring cycle from the hotel for which you have to pay Rs500 per hour. Cycling along the bank of lake looking your shadow inside the lake will be a amazing lifetimes experience that Rara lake tour offers.

Hiking to Murma Top

Murma Top is the natural view tower of Rara lake. It will take 2 hours to reach  Murma Top from the lake by hiking. You can explore the whole Rara from the Murma Top. It can offer stunning and marvellous view of Rara lake. Furthermore,  it is the perfect spot for photographer to take the photos of Rara from different angle.


Boating on the pristine and clean blue water of Rara lake is really a spectacular experience for anyone. It sholdn’t be missed at any cost. Two types of boat is available here; wooden boat and rubber boat. You can also see different species of fishes swimming inside the lake. For boating, we have to wake up early in the mornig. It is because boating is only done is morning time on Rara lake. Massive wind occurs after 12o’clock which can turn off the boat. Moreover, there are limited boat and limited time for the so, you have to wait for your turn.

Thakur Baba’s Temple

We can see the first glance of Rara lake from Thakur Baba’s Temple. It lies on north of Rara lake. According to the local people, the god Thakur Baba shot an arrow to open the passage of the lake. That passage is  later called khapyad khola. It can reduce the damage by the flooding.

Mountain views

You can see Chankhelne Himal from Rara lake. You can see the picture of this himal in one Rupee not. The most famous hindu religion temple named Chhayanath Temple is also lies on the lap of this himal. It is as popular as Pashupatinath Temple in Western Nepal. Moreover, you can also explore while travelling from Jumla to Rara like Patarashi Himal, Kamjirowa Himal and many other small peaks.

View Tower and Chautari

There is one wooden view tower on the  bank of Rara lake. It will take 15min to reach that tower from the Danfe Hotel. It is not so tall but we can explore Rara lake from there. There is one small chautari in lower mili chaur on the bank of Rara lake. According to the local people, late king Mahendra shah came in Rara in 2020 and sat on that chautari. There is a Shila lekh in that chautari on which late King Mahendra wrote some words about the beauty of Rara. That is “Sundarta ke bhandar sara, k khanaya yasai rara ke apshara”. Furthermore, it is also said that Late king Mahendra had written a poem called “Feri Unakai Lagi”.

Endemic Vegetation

In Rara National Park, you can find 1074 species of flora. Among which, 16 species are endemic to Nepal. The trail from Talcha airport to Rara lake and upper Mili chaur to Rara lake is abundant with Dhupi,  Salla and Himalayan white Rhododendron. The fresh and sweet smell of Dhupi and Salla can add fuel on your body while hiking.

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