Honeymoon Tours

For a fresh as well as an old couple, there is nothing more romantic like spending some time with each other leaving all worries behind. Honeymoon Tours in Nepal is all romancing and satisfying as you will be attracted to the alluring beauty that Nepal holds. You don’t have to do trekking during honeymoon tours in Nepal. All luxury meets you as Nepal has famous chain hotels operating in major cities and over the luxury of hotels, there is amazing landscapes and ravishing view of glittering mountains from your hotel bed depending on the location of the tour.

On a honeymoon tour of Nepal, we will take you to stunning cities, hill stations, and other places of natural and artificial attraction. We operate honeymoon tours mostly in five-star hotels but are open to customizing the tour as per your need. We will offer you luxury vehicles, local and international cuisine during the honeymoon tour. Duke Nepal tour has some of the nicely designed honeymoon tour packages, please check them below.

Photo by Everton Vila on Unsplash

Photo by Sashi Shrestha on Unsplash