Rara Lake Tour


Rara Lake Is The Biggest And Beautiful Lake In Nepal. This Himalayan Treasure Of Nepal Covers A Total Area Of 10.4 Square Km ( 4 Sq. Mile). Serene View Of The Lake Itself Is Luring Enough But The Icing On The Top Is Also There. Rara Is Surrounded By A Panorama View Of Hills Covered In Pine And Coniferous Trees. The Fact You May Find Intriguing About Rara Lake Is That It Changes Color Hourly.

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Rara Lake Tour

  • Soul-satisfying view of Rara Lake
  • Mind-boggling view of the deep lake, snow-capped mountains, and forest from Murma top ( Hiking from Rara)
  • Create the best memoir during a silent and tranquil boat ride at Rara.
  • Give adventure a kick with the horse ride
  • Find and capture animals like musk deer, leopards, Himalayan tahr, red panda, black bear, and many more.
  • Go into the woods.
  • Explore the slice of heaven in this part of the world.

Rara Lake is the biggest and most beautiful Lake in Nepal. This Himalayan treasure of Nepal covers a total area of 10.4 square km ( 4 sq. Mile). Serene View of the lake itself is luring enough but the icing on the top is also there. Rara is surrounded by a panorama view of hills covered in pine and coniferous trees. The fact you may find intriguing about Rara Lake is, that it changes color hourly. Amazing deep blue lake and then changing of its color, this is not a site to be missed. If you are planning to go for a Rara trip, then for your rescue, Duke Nepal Tours offers an amazing Rara Lake Tour Package just for you.

Rara Lake Tour Itinerary- Short

We make custom packages if you are not interested in a readymade Rara Lake Tour Package. Our popular Rara Lake Tour Package includes a Jeep Tour to Rara Lake. This 6-night 7-day itinerary to Rara Lake is comfortable as the whole tour is via Jeep. The itinerary includes driving from Kathmandu to Kohalpur on the first day of the trip which is 11 hours. On your second day, you will be reaching Manma for Kohalpur which is a 9-10 hours drive. On your third day, you will reach Rara. The fourth day is when you will experience the lake to the fullest and on the 5th day, the journey back to Kathmandu starts following the same route. Upon reaching Rara Lake, you will have nice accommodations and a catering facility.

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Rara has a newly built cottage-style accommodation facility. You will get a comfortable sleep, hot showers, and other minimum facilities. Sorry, nothing fancy here. The food you are eating is all organic and fresh food is assured. If you are one of those who loves camping, then you can choose to stay in those tents at the bank of the lake. Accommodation facilities are not expensive at all. Rara is beautiful and has amazing food and people and also flora and fauna, just in case you are searching subject for your camera.

Rara is the home to endangered mammals like the Red Panda, and other animals. Pine and coniferous trees are also present at the outer periphery. And Rara is best traveled during the dry season. The rainy season just adds more to off-road travel and its hassles. So, plan a trip to Rara during September, November, April, May June, In, December, January, and February, the temperature drops below the freezing point, and snowfalls may block the way to the lake. A local festival is observed near Rara Lake during July, so you may visit at this time too.

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Itinerary of Rara Lake Overland Tour

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  • First Day- Kathmandu to Kohalpur
  • Second Day-Kohalpur to Manma, Kalikot
  • Third Day- Manma, Kalikot to Rara Lake
  • Fourth Day- Full-Day Sightseeing of Rara Lake
  • Fifth Day-Drive back to Manma, Kalikot
  • Sixth Day- Manma, Kalikot to Surkhet
  • Seventh Day- Surkhet to Kathmandu

Package Inclusion

  • ✔ Airfares as appropriate for internal flight transfer which is a part of the trekking itinerary.
  • ✔ Food, accommodation, salary, insurance, equipment, and medicine for all staff
  • ✔ Accommodation as required by you or as specified in the appropriate itinerary
  • ✔ City tour with our guides in a private car, van, or bus if appropriate
  • ✔ All typical Meals during the trek (Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners)
  • ✔ Hotel / Airport pick up & drop by our car, van, and bus
  • ✔ Availability of Duke Nepal Personnel in emergency
  • ✔ English speaking Guide depending on the place
  • ✔ All our government taxes
  • ✔ Official expense
  • ✔ First aid kits
  • ✔ Map

Package Exclusion

  • ⛔ Personal expenses such as room service, internet charge, laundry, drink, fax, telephone call, optional activities, etc
  • ⛔ Certain lunches and dinners as explained in the trekking itinerary
  • ⛔ Gratuities, tips to guides, porters, drivers, etc. (not compulsory)
  • ⛔ Your International Plane fare and airport taxes
  • ⛔ Your travel insurance which is compulsory
  • ⛔ Personal trekking equipment and gear
  • ⛔ Sightseeing not listed in the itinerary
  • ⛔ Meals not listed in the itinerary
  • ⛔ Appropriate visa fees

What to bring

  • Water thurmas  to keep warm water for evening morning, night and hiking
  • Some dry foods (it can be chocolate, Biscuits, or nuts)
  • Toilet roll, wet tissue, lip care, Sunglass 
  • 1 pair of normal walking shoes 
  • Inner Thermal (up and down) 
  • Headcover warm cap
  •  pair of warm Jacket 
  • 2 pairs of shocks 
  • Woollen gloves 
  • 1 Warm trouser 
  • 1 Light T-shirt 


How far is Rara Lake from Kathmandu?

It is really hard to say in KM but, About 900 KM will be traveled from Kathmandu to reach Rara Lake. About six Hundred KM  (15/16 Hours) to reach Surkhet & About 180 km travel to reach Kalikot Manma & about 100/120 to reach Rara Lake but almost all the road is offroad. 

How to Get to Rara Lake?

There is no direct flight from Kathmandu to Rara Lake; instead, you must fly to Nepalgunj and then to 

Jumla or Talcha from Nepalgunj.


(Flights range from $150 to $200.)

1. Nepalgunj (60 minutes) from Kathmandu or Pokhara

2. Nepalgunj to Talcha [35 minutes] (closest airport to Gamghadi, where the five-hour journey to the lake begins)

3. It takes around 35 minutes to walk from Nepalgunj to Jumla (a four-day walk to Rara Lake).

TO RARA BY BUS: (Bus tickets vary based on where to and how many buses you will need)

1. NEPALGUNJ to Kathmandu: $12 USD [Around 8-10 hours]

2. POKHARA to NEPALGUNJ: The journey takes between 15 and 18 hours.) - 12 dollars

3. NEPALGUNJ to GAMGHADI: (no buses available; best bet is to fly; but, if you ask around upon arriving, you might be able to get a shared jeep)

4. NEPALGUNJ to JUMLA (may be done in a shared jeep for 2000 NPR/18 USD and takes 9-12 hours)

Buses run, although fares and services are unknown; inquiries can be made at the Nepalgunj Airport.

Instead of flying, Jeeps are frequently chartered from Nepalgunj to drive the rest of the way.

How long does it take to walk to Rara Lake?

The trek to Rara Lake might take four days to more than two weeks. While the walk is not particularly long, travelling to and from the starting and conclusion places can be time-consuming.

Is it necessary for me to hire a guide to visit Rara Lake?

No. There are guides available for those who want them; you may hire a guide who will start from Jumla, or you can discover several firms who will put together your schedule from Kathmandu and take care of all the flight arrangements.

Is the hike to Rara Lake challenging?

The Rara Lake Trek is not challenging or lengthy, and it is suitable for trekkers of all levels. It does, however, necessitate a basic level of fitness. This is an attractive option if you have no previous trekking experience. There are many other trails to challenge yourself and enhance the experience for those who want more of a challenge and have the time.

Is there a good time to visit Rara Lake?

1. September and October: The cool, breezy temperature and lovely misty views are ideal for these Spring months. At the end of October and the start of November, It is warm & the weather is pleasant.
2. April and May: These are the summer months, when the weather is clear and sunny, making trekking more predictable.

March is also an excellent time to visit, as the weather will be mild, and the Himalayan views reflected in the lake will be beautiful during any of these three summer months. If you arrive during the rhododendron season, you'll be especially luckier.

What are the food and accommodation like in Rara?

Although the villages specified on the route, there are few tourist amenities will have tea houses with very modest rooms and meals - dal that is always a good bet; the hotels near the lake offer some excellent fries and masala chai. Showers and restrooms are in short supply, so plan appropriately.

What are the flora and fauna like here?

There are possibly 20 animal species and 214 bird species to observe, including the common Danfe pheasant, Nepal's national bird, and over 500 flower and herb species.
Lake Rara is home to otters, fish, and ducks. The clouded leopard, ghoral, rare red panda, serow, musk deer, and Himalayan black bears may all be found in the National Park's blue pine, oak and cypress, black juniper, and rhododendron woodland.
It's also home to over 200 different bird and butterfly species. During the winter months, migratory birds from all over the world may be seen, while during the summer months, Himalayan flowers surround the lake, creating a vivid environment.