Bungy Jumping

The nation of Nepal is full of adventure as there are plenty of adventure activities to get you excited. Several adventure activities include trekking, kayaking, rafting, paragliding, and many more. Bungy Jumping has its thrill and adventure out of these adventure activities. Imagine free falling upon jumping from the bridge with the rope tied in you. Bungy Jumping is a thrilling and exciting experience. The whole jumping experience feels reliving and gives you all the chance to meet inner you letting go of your fear. Adventure of this nature requires skill with all safety precautions well taken care of. So, all bungy jumping company takes safety very seriously. 4-5 seconds of freefall is all worth your time, money and effort as all experience is wholesome and mind-boggling. There are multiple places and sites where you can do the Bungy jump. The Last Resort, Bhotekoshi, Pokhara, and the cliff render the best bungy jumping experience.  Before you are ready for Bungy Jumping, remember to avoid water dunk bungee. Please do wear comfortable clothes as Bungy is extreme sports and it is necessary to wear comfortable clothes. Please avoid anything too tight or too loose. It is better to get your health checked before Bungy Jumping. This adventure sport is not advisable for pregnant people, people with health conditions—past spinal or neck injury and heart problems. We also suggest eating medium for the jump. Don’t overeat and don’t eat less. This helps to prevent a sick stomach. And last but least, scream as much as you can to let the fear getaway. Yes, win over the fears.