Top Singapore Festivals

Top Celebrated Festivals in Singapore

1. Christmas

Plan your vacation to Singapore during November and December if you want to experience a fairyland atmosphere. Singapore's Christmas celebrations are unforgettable.

Glittering lights and bulbs are used to ornament the trees. The roadways are entirely festooned to seem like they are hosting a carnival. Singapore is the finest choice to conclude the year in style. In addition, be sure to see the street performance.

2. Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year is a significant celebration in Singapore. This holiday is celebrated throughout Chinatown, especially during a fortnight in the middle of January. The occasion is also known as the Chinese New Year holiday. The locals clean and adorn their homes with elaborate furnishings.

Red and other striking decorations are used to beautify the malls and streets. From the night market to the ornate

3. Thaipusam

This festival's rites and procession are not intended for the benevolent individual, and it's because tongues, bodies, and cheeks are punctured with sharp skewers during this event. It is said to be a form of self-mortification.

Thaipusam also honours the Lord Murugan celebration in conjunction with it. After being offered to God, sweets are given during the procession's last phase.

4. Hari Raya

It might be considered a localized Eid form observed following Ramadan, and it falls within the umbrella of Singapore's traditional celebrations.

To honour Hari Ray, Muslims start their days by visiting the closest mosque while dressed in fresh clothing. They perform their prayers in the mosque and then spend the day visiting friends' and family's homes.

5. Singapore Food Festivals

Singapore Food Festival is one of the most incredible events, and the "Singapore Tourism Board" arranged it. This festival, held from June through July, is perfect for foodies everywhere.

You get the chance to sample a variety of delectable cuisines. People can take pleasure in the many cuisine festivals and not pass up the opportunity to sample authentic regional cuisine.

6. National Day

This nation commemorates its freedom on its national holidays on National Day, and it is a well-known celebration in Singapore as well. They publicly demonstrate their cultural variety, power, and defence at this event.

The National Day Rally and Parade is this festival's main draw. Don't miss the chance to view impressive fireworks in Marina Bay if you visit Singapore in August.

7. Hungry Ghost Festival

The Hungry Ghost Festival is another specific event held in Singapore. On this day, according to folklore, ancestors' ghosts emerge from the tomb. People visit their ancestors' graves on this day and leave food there for them.

They think that the ghost of their ancestor emerges from the dead to consume the meal. Is this festival not intriguing? The Yulan Festival or Zhongyuan Festival are other names for this celebration.

8. Deepavali

Being one of the most well-known Indian holidays, everyone is familiar with Deepavali. Like India, Singapore  also observes this occasion on the fifteenth day of the Kartik month, it is observed.

This event is celebrated by the Hindu community in Singapore, which also spreads happiness. This event is well-known and is observed with much fanfare and displays. Don't forget to sample the treats and the fireworks.

9. Singapore River Festival

The illusions created by the river water are the main focus of this event in Singapore. For the week, DJs and international musicians stay here to guarantee that everyone has a good time at the outdoor festivities.

Additionally, parades and performances give your celebration elegance. The folk performances are equally significant and worth seeing.

10. Singapore Night Festivals

The Singapore Night Festival combines both traditional and innovative acts. In August, it is organized in the Bras Basah Bugis. Each year, a large number of tourists come to this festival. The core of these festivals is their evening events or performances. The festival's intriguing lineup of artistic and cultural experiences is one of its main draws.

11. Singapore Film Festival

The Singapore film festival is a well-known occasion held in Singapore since 1987. You can see some famous worldwide movies. This festival serves as a significant international stage for Southeast Asian and Singaporean cinema. The mind-blowing Southeast Asian and Singaporean films at this festival stand out.

12. Dragon Boat Festival

Duanwu Festival, a well-known cultural event in Singapore, is the name of the boat festival. The Chinese event known as the Dragon Boat Festival is one of the many Chinese holidays that Singaporeans honour admirably.

On the fifth day of the fifth month of the Chinese calendar, it is observed. In Singapore, dragon boat races were held. Additionally, you may watch a race being held in Bedok Reservoir. Here, you may sample rice dumplings and wine.

In Conclusion

When visiting Singapore, you should take part in these notable events. You need to be aware of the distinctive processions that each holiday possesses. Along with it, one may learn about Singapore's brand-new culture. Attending Singaporean festivals is a fantastic chance to experience a different culture and traditions. Therefore, you can plan and go to festivals.