Best Island of Maldives

Best Island of Maldives to visit from Nepal

The Maldives once carried the myth that only millionaires could afford the Maldives, and it remains the myth. The Maldives has a wide choice of beaches, resorts and other activities to keep you engaged and satisfied, giving you the excellent value of money. The Maldives is home to serene islands, the finest beaches, and many water activities. Whether you want to relax on the sand or swim in the calm waters, both these experience becomes a whole lot more beautiful here in the Maldives.

Come, tell us what's on your mind? An Island vacation of Maldives from Nepal? Are you even planning a Honeymoon to the Maldives from Nepal? Or are you thinking of travelling to the Maldives with your child? Just don’t worry, we have prepared a list of the best islands not to be missed while travelling the Maldives.

Top Five Maldives Islands, which is a must-visit

Male Island from Nepal- Best Maldives Island

There are plenty of places that offer a serene beach holiday experience in this world, and among them, Male Island has its bells and whistles. Male Island is considered the best in the Maldives and is the home to the primary international airport receiving millions of tourists each year. Male Island is regarded as one of the best places for a honeymoon in the world among the global tourism fraternity. Male Island is also the place to for experiencing the culture and colours of Maldives. There are plenty of sightseeing options in Male Island, and you can even savour the beauty of Male Island by renting a two-wheeler or even engaging in water sports on different beaches here on Male Island.

The best time to visit Male Island from Nepal is between November and April.

Famous for – Historical Locations, Markets, Restaurants and Watersports.

Filhalhohi Island from Nepal- Romantic Island in the Maldives

Lying in the Kaafi Atoll of South Mal, Fihalhohi Island is one of the most stunning destinations to visit in the Maldives for all and more honeymoon makers. This island has a unique and romancing resort named Fihalhohi Island Resort. This resort is one of the most romantic places in the Maldives, with several overwater bungalows to spend your time in.

And the resort is well facilitated with different overwater features. The presence of beautiful Palm groove, Aeolus Dive Centre and Anggerik Spa adds more enjoyment to your overall experience here in Fihalhohi Island here in the Maldives. And the icing on the top is the presence of stunning beaches with coconut palm trees makes this a fulfilling destination. 

The best to visit Filhalhohi Island from Nepal is during January. Ferry transfers are available to reach the Island.

Biyadhoo Island from Nepal- Best Honeymoon destination in the Maldives

Biyadhoo Island also lies on South Mal- Atol and is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the Maldives and globally. For Nepalese couples planning for Honeymoon, Biyadhoo Island offers a complete romantic honeymoon experience. This Island is rich in vegetation too. The abundance of bananas, coconut, mangoes, cucumbers, cabbage and tomatoes is harvested from this island. Moreover, shinning water and the number of choices in watersports make this Island a fantastic place to be once in your lifetime.

In Biyadhoo Island, there are different ranges of watersports activities, including snorkelling, scuba diving, and canoe paddling, making your stay worth your time and money.

The best time to visit Biyadhoo Island from Nepal is December to April. You can reach this island by taking a flight to Velena International Airport and then a cab to get Hulhumale.

Suppose you are wondering where to stay on this Island. In that case, Hotel Ocean Grand and UI Hotels are the best in hospitality service here, and the excellent restaurants to fill your belly and savour your palette are Shell Beans Hulhumale Tandoori Flames Hulhumale.

Hulhumale Island from Nepal, one of the best artificial Island

Hulhmale Island is near to Maldivian capital.  This island is a human-made artificial island that was initially made to diversify the Male population. Hulhumale Island may not have the most beautiful settlement. Still, the coastlines are all beautiful, and the island is not populated with tourists making this island more ideal for honeymoon makes from all around the world.

While you are in Hulhumale Island, the best experience is the peaceful setting, friendly resort and restaurant.

The best time to visit Hulhumale Island from Nepal is from December till April.

Hotel Ocean Grand UI Hotels are some of the lovely resorts to stay in. The best restaurant on this Island is Bombay Darbar and Shell Beans Hulhumale.

Alimatha Island from Nepal

Alimatha Island is on the eastern edge of Maldives in Vaavu Atoll and is simply another best Island for a honeymoon experience. The water here on this Island is crystal clear, and the sun-kissed beaches, aquamarine lagoons, and spa centres make this one of the best romancing destinations here in the Maldives. Notably, the Alimatha Aquatic Resort on Island renders exotic beach bungalows and overwater property with rooms. And in addition, there are plenty of watersports activities.

In Alimatha Island, please take massage and spa experience at Ayurvedic massage centres. Engage in water sports activities such as snorkelling and scuba-diving. Or you can even book boat trips on azure waters.

The best time to go to Alimatha Island from Nepal is between May to November.

You can reach Alimatha Island in 90 minutes in fulfilling boat ride from Male (40 Miles)

Dhiggiri Resort is one of the best resorts here to stay in this Alimatha Island. Dream Hut Fulidhoo, Plumeria Beach Restaurant, serves you right if you want to taste some d cuisines.

So, out of many Islands here in the Maldives, these five stand out from the rest and are a must-visit place to get the best Maldives. Duke Nepal Tour organises the best Maldives Tour Package, and we customise the package as per your requirement.

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