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Yoga Hub Meditation Nepal

Yoga and Meditation hub: Nepal

Yoga Hub Meditation Nepal

Typical village environment, monastery, greenery and hills, a group of western people waiting for yoga class, a cup of green tea and very decent and polite Dr. Subodh this was the environment of Himalayan Yoga Resort this morning. Furthermore, Himalayan Yoga Resort located in the western part of Kathmandu has become one of the yoga and meditation hubs for the locals and international peoples.  When we arrived the resort Dr. Subodh and others were starting the very fresh day. Yoga Hub Meditation Nepal takes you to natural Nepal and its connection with spirituality own has.

Yoga and Meditation hub: Nepal#DukeNepal

Yoga and Meditation hub: Nepal#DukeNepal

After this the morning chanting and the peaceful environment turns into the yoga atmosphere with universal chanting Om. According to the Hindu holy book Om gives the divine power to the people.

Furthermore, Dr. Subodha says, I used to teach yoga and meditation in Thamel. I was looking after the peace and nature where I can teach the yoga. Me and my friends start looking after the place and we start yoga and meditation class here in Ichangu, Balaju. We also teach the yoga to the people who wants to teach others.

Similarly, Nepal has become the yoga and meditation for many years before. Many travelers come to Nepal in search of peace and nature.  In coming here, you will experience improved health, well being and happiness under the guidance expert yogi.

Duke Nepal highly recommends all the travelers to experience Yoga and Meditation in Nepal.

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