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Vehicle Hire for Dupeshwor Manadev Darshan

Vehicle Hire for Dupcheshwor Mahadev Darshan

Dupcheshwor Mahadev is the natural temple of Lord Shiva. It is natural structure in the middle of big rock. This temple is the central of belief for both Hindu and Buddhists.  Dupcheshwor Mahadev has became the main destination for those couples who are childless. The state of being  childlessness is the very painful situation for every couples. According to the priests of this temple, Dupcheshwor Madadev can fulfill the desire of having children if they do rituals with pure heart and soul. Moreover, some of the pilgrims also say that, dumb kids can speak after praying  in this temple. Dupcheshwor Mahadev is also known as the second Pashupatinath. 

Vehicle Hire for Dupcheshwor Mahadev Darshan

Dupcheshwor Mahadev 

How to get there ?

Dupcheshwor Mahadev is 78 km away from Kathmandu. It will take 3 hour to reach there in private jeep. This temple lies at Gaganchaur in Nuwakot district. Likewise, it will take 15-20 min to reach at Dupeshwor Mahadev from Bus Station.

How we help ?

Duke Nepal Adventure as a best vehicle rental service provider in Nepal. We offers you any kind of vehicles like scorpio, bus, land cruiser and so on for Dupcheshwor Mahadev. Furthermore, We will provide you the vehicle according to your demand on very reasonable price.

For the booking of Vehicle for Dupcheshwor Mahadev Darshan:

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