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Upper Mustang Tiji Festival 4WD Jeep Tour

Upper Mustang Tiji Festival 2020

Upper Mustang Tiji Festival 4WD Jeep Tour 2020

Upper Mustang is natural as well as cultural hub. Tiji Festival is one of the Biggest Festival of Upper Mustang. Tiji Festival have been  celebrating for 3 days at Lo-Manthang Valley in May. The date of Tiji Festival confirmed by the Local Lama and Monks according to their norms and values. In 2020, the Tiji Festival is going to celebrate in 19,20 and 21 May. Mainly, Tiji Festival will be celebrated in front of King Palace at Lo-Manthang.

Once Lo-Manthang was a Forbidden Kingdom. Foreign Visitors were not allowed to enter since 1992. But now, Lo-Manthang has became a tourist hub. Thousand of Tourist visits Lo-Manthang to explore the natural as well as cultural beauty. Tiji Festival celebrates among  Buddhist Tibetan Community of Upper Mustang. Tiji festival  is also of the great reason of  Tourist arrival in this region. This Festival is more famous among the European People. Many Travelers arrive here from different part of the world to explore the Tiji Festival.

The main reason of celebrating Tiji Festival every year is to main peace and harmony in Lo-Manthang. According to the Local People on their belief, the Pooja has been done by the Monks can save the Lo-Manthang Valley from the devil power. Lama and Local People performs different forms of local dance with local music.

Duke Nepal Adventure as a best DMC in Nepal has been conducting Upper Mustang Tiji Festival Jeep Tour since 2015. We have a special offer for our guests in 2020 as this is our Visit Nepal Year. We have opened the booking for  Upper Mustang Tiji Festival 4WD Jeep Tour 2020.

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