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Trekking in Monsoon

Trekking in Monsoon

Trekking Monsoon

I just came back from Ghorepani  Poonhill Trekking. It was an awesome experience in my life. This year, I had very unique experience in monsoon. When government of Nepal & weather forecasting department announced not to travel in three days in month of Aashad, I have had a Nepali group for Upper Mustang and again government announced not to travel next four days, but I needed to operate twenty Chinese group for Ghorepani  Poonhill Trekking. First one was by bus but both groups were really scared before the tour & trekking but both become really adventurous & successful journey at the end. I just went to trekking in Monsoon in Nepal and it was enthralling as well as challenging at the same time.

I went to Pokhara via Buddha Air but Chinese guests went by bus via Bandipur. I checked in hotel Dandelion Pokhara but guests were already checked in at Hotel Dandelion. I went to Main Street of lakeside to buy rain cover & stick to be prepared for trekking. I got phone call from senior guide and he told me that tour leader is interested to meet me once. Obviously, I was also interested. I met them & we discussed about trekking planning for tomorrow. I hired a Chinese trekking guide from Pokhara for trekking & two professional guide went from Kathmandu.  In our discussion, Tour leader insisted to go to trek to both professional Chinese guide but they were hesitating from potential risk in monsoon trekking. Finally, both were agreed to go for trek. We become twenty four from Pokhara including two children, most of women & a senior brother has assembled steel in his toe last week. But, their zeal was so amazing. We departed from Pokhara after breakfast. I sourced nine Brahmin senior porters form Nayapool.

We all assembled in Nayapool and bought rain cover for bags. Then, our jumbo team started trekking from Nayapool.  When we start our trekking, immediately we wore rain cover because rain was on top of our head. We were planned to have lunch at Hile & Simsime( Showering rains)  was there till our lunch from very beginning. We had lunch at Hile and again started our trekking as planned to reach at Ulleri. When we started trekking after lunch, it was not raining, it was showering & really we were little bit tired but raining was helping us to hike for Ulleri.  We saw many landslides near Ulleri in our trekking. I was hearing some noise about bag missing of a foreigner (He was not our guest) at Nayapool. I was not taking seriously but again and again Pokhara based guide got phone call from a guide of foreigner about missing bag. Then I also become worried. We crossed Ulleri height and checked in Hotel kamala guest house. Really the hotel was so good and Kamala Didi (owner) was so kind and hospitable. When all guests were checked in hotel, a bag was outside. I thought, it was same missing bag of foreigner and immediately we telephoned at Nayapool. Then, I forced to a porter to return your home carrying the bag, I agreed to compensate all amount of whole trekking. Because we did not have heavy bags and it was our mistaken. Finally, two porters were ready to drop the bag & they returned Ulleri dropping the bag ultimately.

I offered to our guest to drink local millet wine but only three accepted my offer. We had dinner, there was no regular electricity.  We charged our mobile from solar charged single multi plugs.  Again, we started our trekking from Ulleri on second day. It was going to be little bit easier than first day but condition was same. Raining as first day and attacking of leech was another burden in our treks. Because, continuous raining & cold weather is favorable environment for leech. We have experienced only mountain lifestyle, trekking in monsoon & view of some green mountain on the way. We had not seen any crystal clear mountain in our trekking. I found approx. 5 France based couple throughout trekking and I congratulated them for winning the world cup football and they were really proud with their national football team.

We reached Hotel Snow View Lodge Ghorepani at 2 afternoons. We checked in hotel and same as we had dinner and planned to go to Poonhill for sunrise tomorrow morning. But we set alarm for 4 and then we woke up but fog was thick and raining was same as previous day. So, we cancelled our sunrise. We were unlucky, we had not seen mountain yet. We trekked as before we saw many white fog lakes upon the mountain but we had not seen mountain. Attacking of leech was skyrocketing, one child & a lady were feeling uncomfortable but rest of were trekking very smoothly.  It was raining continuously; we had lunch at Banthati and checked in Hotel Magnificent at Tadapani. Because, we were waiting miracle in weather. After 20 minutes we checked in, we saw few lines of mountain as line of crystal.  Because it was our final night of trekking, we were praying to god but we could not see the mountains. I offered soup to our guests. But they demanded to prepare themselves. Then I talked with hotel owner to provide his kitchen and he agreed to give. Then, a senior lady prepared egg soups as their cuisine. They also made their own cuisine for dinner as well. They were really happy getting such opportunity.

Then I initiated to dance in local music after our dinner and all were really excited on music. And I started dance with tour leader. We danced more than hour in folk, Baja & traditional Nepali music. At the end, they started to dance in their music. My intention was making them happier.

I am not professional guide. Obviously, I have fluency in English & Hindi but I did not have knowledge of Chinese language. But the trekking forced me to learn Chinese languages and I learned about twenty Chinese term useful in trekking. I committed to learn Chinese language in future. Because I faced many problems having language barrier with my guests.

Really, we had debate in the topic,” Nepal is for all seasons.”  Is it good for trekking? Obviously I explained in this article and raised a question in case of trekking. Are Trekkers only coming for mountains or other things can be explored? What is our immediate plan to make all seasons treks in Nepal? What is our precautions to trek in monsoon? How to display our mountain in monsoon? These can be are major issues but I preferred to go trek in monsoon but more things should be done to promote our brand of trekking.

Anyway, last day we trekked to Kimche via Ghandruk and we traveled by bus to Pokhara.  We did not see our crystal clear mountain throughout trekking but experiencing struggle to see mountain, experiencing of local food and being conscious about environment was seen really exemplary for our future generation. We finished our trekking without disturbance and single problematic situation. Really, this is my life time experience of trekking in monsoon as tagline of visit Nepal 2020. Lastly, Mardi Himal Trek is the Signature package of Duke Nepal Adventure.


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