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Thote Festival

Thote festival being observed in Pokhara

Thote Festival in Pokhara

Thote Festival,Pokhara.  This is the special festival of gurung community who are the major ethnic group of Pokhara Region. Pokhara is popular as Tamhu region within their community because Tamhu is similar name of Gurung and large no of gurung resides in Pokhara region. Gurungs had been taken to Tamhu at ancient time.

Thote Festival

Thote Festival

Pokhara is not only beautiful city naturally; it is also beautiful being rich culturally.  There are so many cultural treasures in Pokhara. We Duke Nepal also mention all cultural treasures of Pokhara and its surrounding in our cultural tour.

Thote Festival is being observed on last Tuesday of Sharaban every year. Gurung Community celebrates Thote  to reduce potential disease, to escape out pain from ghost, reduction of natural disasters, good farming and for the utopia on their work and to follow their good faith.

Similarly, Pokhara Peace rally began with chanting from tumadhi,  Naya  Bazzar and was turned into a corner. Tamudhi Nepal was organizing the events and  approx. 50 communities participated with their Gurungs culture. Some participants in various camouflage painted face, something seemed to revolve around the trees.

Pokhara really is culturally rich and naturally wonder and utopia for professionally. Furthermore, we would like to request you to go to Pokhara tour  in your life time once.

Pradeep Acharya | Photo : Sanjay Shakya | Duke Nepal 

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