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Experience Duke Nepal

My Experience with Duke Nepal Adventure

First Experience in Duke Nepal Tour

Hi, my name is Arnaud Le and I am from France. My friends who travel, Nepal before they were sharing a lot about the culture, landscape, unity in diversity and other very good things about Nepal.  I was told that Nepal is popular for trekking, hiking, adventure tour containing some of the highest and most challenging mountains in the world including Mount Everest. Nepal is birth place of Lord Buddha and there are several holy sites for both Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims.My Experience Duke Nepal was unforgettable.

Finally I decided to travel Nepal in my holidays. When I was in home I heard a lot about the Pokhara valley also. I was very curious when I landed in Kathmandu I saw an artistic exposition of graceful temples, elegant palaces, brick paved courtyards and giant and alley streets. It was surrounded by green valleys and behind those mighty snowcapped peaks. Kathmandu city is the places for both Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimage. After a weeklong stay in Kathmandu I planned for Pokhara.

Experience Duke Trekking in Nepal

I booked my entire Pokhara tour from Duke Nepal Adventure, this was my first time I booked a trip from any travel agent. Even though it was my first time in any travel agency I wasn’t disappointed with the service they provide. As far as my experience is concerned, they really provided me the best service I could get.

I took a bus in 7 O’clock in the morning. After a long bus ride from Kathmandu, we finally made it to Pokhara. A beautiful lake is the centre point of city where many fishing boats go back and forth.  I enjoyed sipping away at a cup of Dudh Chiya (Nepali milk tea) looking out at the rowboats streaming past. The next morning I was so joyful to see the Himalayan mountain range appear before my eyes. I was touched and moved, this evening, I would rest on the mountain tops.

I also went to Langtang Trekking after my Pokhara trip. Its was 10 days trekking from Kathmandu. It was amazing meeting with people of Mountains and encountering beautiful landscapes.

I highly recommend anyone to go and visit the Duke Nepal’s Office. They are very friendly and they know how to treat the travelers. If you are confused in organizing your tour in Nepal I am sure personnel from Duke Nepal Adventure will highly help you.