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Sexual Violence Pokhara

Sexual violence in Pokhara

Sexual violence in Pokhara

Anukul Regmi | Pokhara

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Sexual violence is a serious public issue. Sexual violence takes place to anybody at any age by anyone i.e., parents, caretakers, acquaintances, strangers, as well as intimate partners. It is rarely a crime of passion, and is rather an aggressive act that frequently aims to express power and dominance over the victim. Sexual Violence Pokhara is blog which  tells seriously about causes of sex crimes in Pokhara.

We hear about sexual violence, mostly in the major cities such as Kathmandu, Pokhara, Butwal, Hetauda and so on. Sexual violence is also more likely to happen the Terai region of the country.

But sexual violence is also a widely under reported phenomenon. People are afraid of reporting it. So a lot of victims have to suffer and a lot of criminals are free. So, it is also very hard to gather the data about it.

Men and women both can fall victim to this type of abuse. Girls are more frequent targets for sexual abuse than boys.

Pokhara Nightlife

In the context of Pokhara, we hear a lot about sexual violence. As it is one of the major city of our country, a large number of population resides here; mostly teenagers who left their houses and stays in this city in the search of the better future.

Pokhara  is more famous for its night life. Thus, with the advantages of night life also lies the problem; sexual violence.

We frequently hear about the act of sexual violence in Pokhara city.

Teenagers who blindly try to adopt the unknown western culture (act of modernization) are the main victims of sexual violence because they forget that the people in our society don’t think as the westerners.

More Information

As there is no “red light area” in this city, the crime is more to occur illegally, in a lot of places in Pokhara. This thing needs consideration for elimination of sexual violence in Pokhara. Police are trying to abolish it, but their act is not being sufficient.

Even we can find male prostitutes in Pokhara. It’s a very hard thing to digest, but it is the reality.

We also hear a lot about sexual violence of small children. We humans turn into animals anything is possible.

So, to eliminate the act of sexual violence, thinking aspects of everyone in the society must be changed.


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