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Seminar hall in Chitwan

Seminar Hall in Chitwan

Seminar hall in Chitwan

First of all, Duke Nepal Adventures is an established company in Nepal with a professional profile and image. As of recent, Duke Nepal Adventures has started providing seminar hall with collaboration with hotels in Chitwan for multi-purpose events on contract. Furthermore, Seminar hall in Chitwan lies in lush, green, natural surroundings. In addition, it lies very close to the East-West Highway in Nepal, running lengthwise across the country. Basically, the seminar hall in Chitwan is easily accessible from the country itself by various modes of public transport including buses, cabs, airplanes and private vehicles.

Some functions that Duke Nepal Adventure’s Seminar Hall in Chitwan caters to are:

  • Corporate Functions
  • Annual General Meetings (AGM)
  • Trainings
  • Regular Seminars
  • Conferences
  • Exhibitions
  • Product Launches
  • Board Meetings

Furthermore, most of the clients who use our seminar hall in Chitwan are local ones but we also host many weekend getaway included seminars too.  Similarly, the eco-conscious touch in the seminar hall in Chitwan, lush view and helpfulness of the staff add to the perfection that already there was. Moreover, the peaceful surrounding with soothing ambience enthralls the guests with an out-of- the-world experience and they will enjoy even most boring of the events.

Furthermore, Our Seminar Hall in Chitwan is popular because of following reasons:
  • Designed With Your Convenience In Mind
  • Advanced Technology At Work
  • Fully Furnished With Plug & Use Telephone/Broad-Band Connectivity
  • Furniture to Suit Individual Tastes
  • Meeting Rooms / Board Rooms / Private Booths
  • Conference/Training Rooms
  • Digital Key Phones- Enable Extremely Smooth Conferencing
  • Exclusive Secure LAN Networks And Wireless Networks
  •  Periodic Upgrading Of System

Most of all, clients of Duke Nepal Adventures have access to their offices and the common facilities of the seminar hall in Chitwan. Consequently, this is to ensure that all services can be used by you at your convenience. On top of that, we take our security very seriously. Moreover, we have an in-House Security System in addition to the 24-hour on-site security personnel. Most noteworthy, Duke Nepal Adventure’s seminar hall in Chitwan is also equipped with CC TV cameras having 24×7 recording capabilities. As a result, Duke Nepal Adventure is the best seminar organizer of Chitwan.

Duke Nepal Adventure has partnered with Hotel Green Park, Landmark Forest park, Hotel Jungle Crown for organizing successful seminars in Chitwan for standard services.  If client wishes to upgrade to the upper class property and luxury services,  we will also provide Hotel Taj Serai, Barahi Jungle Lodge for affluent customers.

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