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Second Yoga Hub in Nepal #dukenepal

Second Yoga Hub

Second Yoga Hub

Duke Nepal | Kathmandu

Photo: ekantipur

Yoga experts always talk and co-relate yoga with Physics, Mythology, religion and history. So, Nepal is hosting Second Yoga Hub.  We are promoting Yoga with the vision of tourism. Nepal can be a center place for those who love to do Yoga. Similarly,regular practice of Yoga improves not only physical health but also mental spiritual well-being. We have a typical village environment, monastery, greenery and hills, mighty Himalayas and evergreen climate and Yoga is mostly preferred in good environment.

Furthermore, the morning chanting and the peaceful environment turn into the yoga atmosphere with universal chanting Om. Nepal has become the yoga and meditation for many years before. Many travelers come to Nepal in search of peace and nature. Similarly, by coming here, you will experience improved health, well being and happiness under the guidance expert yogi.

Duke Nepal highly recommends all the travelers to experience Yoga and Meditation in Nepal.

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