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Saving Bagmati

Saving Bagmati

Saving Bagmati

Saving Bagmati is the blog that tells the story of the work done by Government of Nepal to save Bagmati. Similarly the PADT mentioned that it has interest in managing the sewerage on the Bagmati river along with its bank and temple premises.

Furthermore, PADT member secretary  Sushil Nahata said,“People can’t think of  doing such thing any more because we are planning to use water for drinking and taking a dip.”

Similarly, the Government the Bagmati Civilization Saving Committee to work in managing of river. PADT is tired of slogans, campaigns and government Commitments which are not yet translated into action.

“The work will be start from Guheswori to Tilganga if Ministry of the Urban Development give permission.“he said. Similarly, for the current fiscal years PADT is preparing a budget and programs of about Rs.500 million.

Duke Nepal Adventure | Photo; wikipedia

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