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Safe Nepal,Hospitable Nepali

Safe Nepal,Hospitable Nepali


My Experience with post earthquake Nepal

Safe Nepal,Hospitable Nepali is my piece of writing that tells you about post earthquake situation of Nepal.

When one mentions the place ‘Nepal’, I immediately imagine rolling landscapes of snowy mountains, warm-hearted people, Buddhist nuns and monks and villages devastated by the 2015 earthquake. Nepal is a picturesque country, which is oozing with religious and tribal culture.

I traveled to Nepal last year and spent 8 months out there. As a woman I always felt safe. The Nepalese made me feel at home and I never felt like I was being threated. Living and travelling in a developing country encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone. For example, simple things like having cold showers, not being able to drink tap water, or recurrent power cuts. Although this might seem more annoying than anything else, I cherish these moment. They provided insight into different ways of life and nurtured my appreciation for the comfort I have back home.

I was in Nepal during the earthquake, while this was probably the scariest thing I have ever experienced. Being in an earthquake is a life long lesson. Thank you Nepal. I observed rapid movements of resilience and solidarity in the village I was living in. Everybody came together to help each to build shelters together and organise ways to communally cook food. This truly touched me. Coming from an individualistic society I was touched by the Nepalese network of resilience and care for one another.

Safe Nepal and Courageous Nepali

Travelling to Nepal has been one of the most eye opening experience of my life. Of course there are beautiful mountain tops you can walk along and eat delicious foods and visit some amazing historical quarters and natural heritages. However, for me Nepal taught me so much community and different ways of living. I really encourage anybody who is eager to travel to Asia to start in Nepal. It’s a friendly place and not as hectic India. Lovely landscapes and lots to do. Especially in this post-earthquake phase, Nepal really needs visitors for rebuilding, supporting businesses and to maintain its relation with the global community.

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