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Royal Wedding in Himalayan Nation

Duke Royal Wedding

First of all, Duke Royal wedding in Himalayan nation is a new trend for Nepal. We have been hosting many such wedding in Kathmandu and Pokhara for our duke customers. Similarly, successful events require proper planning and coordination. More Importantly, Duke Nepal adventure is the only one tour organization who are organizing Royal Wedding in Nepal. We are following Artistic and business skills together to make your wedding more standard and successful. Furthermore, every celebration and other social event can be large or small. Similarly, we will deliver you best service package at reasonable as well as per your budget. Finally, we are only one tour organization in Nepal who did many royal wedding professionally.

What we provide you

we will touché many social dynamics as well as giving you many tools to make your wedding successful.

Where we want your involvement.

  • Select your venue and Location.
  • Set your Budget.
  • List your guest.
  • Choose your wedding party.
  • Food and beverage of party.
  • Hire Priority Vendors(Photographer/Vehicle Management/Local Band/ high end priest etc)
  • Fix your time table.

What we give you consultation services.

  • Selecting the venue
  • Shopping the dresses
  • Buying the engagement ring
  • Selecting your honeymoon destination.

What we will provide you

  • Idea of Wedding.
  • Cakes
  • Wedding Photographers.
  • Bridal salons
  • DJs
  • Wedding Planners
  • Hotel room reservation
  • Engagement Party to Reception Party
  • Vehicle Services
  • Honeymoon tour

Similarly, Wedding is only one major event for the couple. Furthermore, Duke Nepal is very much conscious to make your wedding more and more successful, memorable as well as unforgettable and as duke wedding in the Himalayan Nation.  Furthermore, we will give our best innovation for our services which you have not seen before.

Pradeep Acharya | Duke Nepal | Photo; Royal Wedding Photography

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