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Royal Enfield Heritage Ride Bhaktapur

Royal Enfield Heritage Ride to Bhaktapur

Royal Enfield Heritage Ride Bhaktapur

Banita Khanal

Royal Enfield recently organized a heritage ride to Bhaktapur. A fine saturday morning ride  to Bhaktapur from Kathmandu in the most comfortable two wheeler was incredible. Being a mate rider on the back seat of a confident rider took away all my doubts about what can happen with man – made engines in a Nepali road.(Royal Enfield Heritage Ride to Bhaktapur)

I joined the event as a staff of Sacred Summits (One of the adventure company that organizes motorbike tours in Nepal). we were 5 in numbers from Sacred Summits there.

The adventurous day started with the meeting of five of us inside the compound of our office. As Sacred Summits owns dozens of Enfields itself, our office provided the bikes and the maroon colored T- shirts. Finally representing our company five of us started our journey to Bhaktapur. It felt like I was talking to the fresh morning air that passed through me while Khursit (the rider) played with the accelerators and breaks of his beloved bike.

After the registration in one of the Enfields showroom in Naxal , we joined more than 50  Enfield riders. Among them were those three lady riders who took my breath away.

Bullet and Nepal

Nepal still is very conservative and traditional that Bullets are not supposed to be used by girls. Challenging the tradition these three Nepali ladies showed they weren’t less than boys. Me on the other hand, a backseat rider was feeling proud of those three Divas.

All the riders followed the given itineraries strictly. They followed the traffic rules strictly. The tour that was started from Naxal passed through Newroad – Pulchowk, Patan and finally Bhaktapur.

All the riders got gathered in Bhaktapur, they had the breakfast together.

As the name says it itself, the tour was dedicated to the heritages. Bhaktapur, a heritage rich city was so much welcoming.The 2015 earthquake has ofcourse damaged the beautiful city but still the city stands as proud as before.

Therefore, my new job provided me a new experience, a half day motorbike ride to Bhaktapur.


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