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Why Promote MICE Tourism in Nepal

Why Promote MICE Tourism in Nepal?

MICE Tourism

Meetings, Incentive, Conventions, and Exhibitions MICE Tourism is a big industry outside of Nepal. According to a research in fact, in Australia it is bigger than other industries. It only proves that tourism has a big potential in stirring up the economy.

Duke Nepal Adventures has always been an advocate of sustainable MICE Tourism. Duke Nepal is  also making efforts from our side by providing seminar halls and events organization services. We have started offering our seminar hall in Nagarkot too. We also have seminar hall in Dhulikhel, Chitwan and Pokhara.

Here are the top reasons why we feel MICE Industry must be bolstered by the government in Nepal:

  1. MICE Has a Multiplier Effect

Average MICE attendees will spend six times compared to a typical tourist. So, if for example, a backpacker tourist spends $100, our MICE tourist will spend $600 during his/her stay. This is a huge contribution to Nepalese Economy.

  1. MICE Is Business and Trade

Companies or associations that gather for a meeting in a particular country often always have some of their attending members looking for business opportunities in the host countries. This is because they want to capture new market share in MICE. After all, international attendees in a convention and exhibition have higher purchasing capacity as compared to FIT (Free Independent Traveler) tourists.

  1. MICE Facilitates Transfer of Knowledge and Technology

The country that is able to secure an International Convention or Exhibition is indeed lucky in this world today. It will benefit in terms of economic value. And on top of that, the knowledge and technology transfer that International speakers, participants or exhibitors bring is immense.

  1. MICE Benefits Multiple Industries

A conference or exhibition that is international in nature involves Hotels, Airplanes, Buses, Travel and Tour Operators, Production Houses, Exhibition Venues, Catering, Corporate Giveaways, Entertainment, Booth Suppliers and Designers and the lists goes on. Don’t forget service providers like us with a seminar hall in Nagarkot. As such multiple industries reap the benefits.

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