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pokemon go hunting tour nepal

Pokémon Go Hunting Tour Nepal

Pokémon Go Hunting Tour Nepal

|Arnaud le Cunff| France

Pokémon Go Hunting Tour? What? You never heard about this unbelievable tour? It is the first tour agency (Duke Nepal  Adventure) that proposes you to go trekking in the most beautiful areas in the world  and catching the rarest Pokémon in the same time. Pokemon Go Hunting Tour Nepal is newly found trekking practice.Pokemon Go Hunting Tour Nepal is the chance to catch the most rare pokemon.

As you might know, Pokémon go is a game between the real world and a virtual world of Pokémon. Unlike most of the games where you can stay at home to play, Pokémon go forces you to out of your home to catch (Gotta Catch ‘em all) Pokémon. The magic of this game happens when you discover some new places, you meet some peoples, spending some good times outside and making new friends.

But what we propose to you is much more! Furthermore, We are going to show you the best way to catch Pokémon, “The trekking Pokémon Hunting Tour”! You will go trekking for “x” days in the mountain of Nepal and catching the rarest Pokémon.

Similarly, What do we guarantee for this tour?, at least 2 rare Pokémon, “x” days of intensive sport, amazing landscape, outstanding sunrise and sunset, local Nepalese food, a trekking guide and much more …

What do we know about Pokémon in Nepal? Pokémon Locator app is already showing some legendary Pokémon nearby Mount Everest! The legend is saying that Mewto and Mew (the most legendary Pokémon of the game) can be only found on the top of the highest mountain … 😉

Note: This Post is just for fun and this game is restricted in Nepal.



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