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How to Plan For a Seminar?


Let’s say that you have a great idea for a seminar or training session in Chitwan. But have you discovered the best venue? And even before you can even think of answering that question, you will have to figure out what your goals are as well as  do not ever forget to set the primary purpose of your seminar so that you will not get off track during the preparations. If this your first time organizing seminar, simple questions to ask before planning to book a seminar hall in Chitwan might include:

  • What are the goals of the seminar?
  • Who do you want your seminar to reach?
  • Will you get attendees there?
  • How many people should you expect and have you made arrangements to accommodate them?
  • How long should the seminar last? And most importantly,
  • What is the budget for your seminar?

Now that you have defined the goal and scope of your seminar, you need to establish where you want to hold it. You should be very clear on why you want to hold the seminar at that particular venue. The primary factors in choosing your venue could be:

  • Location
  • Cost
  • Availability on Your Dates
  • Capacity and
  • Built-in Amenities

As your priorities could be different from other businesses and organizations seeking space to hold a seminar. Whatever your program be or whatever the reason for holding such seminar be, if you are holding it in Chitwan, Duke Nepal Adventure’s seminar hall in Chitwan is best choice.

As, many organizers, we have noticed, will rather emphasize on location because of the importance of easy access to transportation. You should choose a seminar hall in Chitwan’s central location for the convenience of attendees in your seminar. So,Duke Nepal Adventure promises to satisfy all your seminar needs.

Hence if you are looking for best seminar hall in Chitwan contact Duke Nepal Adventures NOW!!!

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