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Osho Tapoban

Osho Tapoban, Nepal

Osho Tapoban, Nepal
Osho Tapoban#DukeNepal

Women meditating at Osho Tapoban#DukeNepal

Osho Tapoban which lies in the Northern part of Kathmandu which is 45 minutes drive from Thamel is an international community and retreat center that spreads in the dense forest. Located in Nagarjuna forest, where Buddhist saint Nagarjuna meditated and attained ultimate enlightenment.

The main attraction of the Osho tapoban is its diversity in flora and fauna.

Similarly, the variety of flowers, native trees and wildlife is seen in Tapoban. Furthermore, the wild animals such as deer, the Royal Bengal Tiger, Leopards, and Bears is  seen among the dense green forest. Furthermore, It is popular among the bird watchers and nature lovers.Rajneesh Dhyan Mandir is the heart of Osho Tapoban.

Beautifully designed meditation hall welcomes 200 people for regular meditation and 500 people for discourse. The daily meditation is acting in the hall. Similarly, the garden at Tapoban consisting of many valuable beautiful statues like Buddha, Lord Ganesh, Lord Shiva etc. is the another attraction of the place.

Furthermore, Nepal has been one of the very popular sites for the Osho follower to do the retreat. The Osho Tapoban became very popular when Mr. Nitesh Kumar, chief minister of Bihar , India stay here instead of staying in luxury hotels in Kathmandu.

Duke Nepal highly recommends Osho Tapoban, Nepal for the visit and retreat.

“If we had understood the earth as the mother of all, even of great values, we would have treated the earth in a different way. We have destroyed it. We have almost poisoned it. Humans have broken its ecological unity. We have disturbed its environment. And now with nuclear weapons we are ready to destroy it. And it is the source of all that is beautiful, and all that is great. The earth is sacred.” – OSHO

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