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Organic Hotel

Organic Hotel


Organic Hotel

Balthali Eco Hill Resort, which lies at 42 km away from Kathmandu towards south, sits on top of a hill. The small and cozy resort offers the bird’s eye view of green terrace, Panauti village and glimpses of the snowy Himalayan peaks in the North. As people know this hotel as Organic Hotel as this hotel offers organic linens and other materials.

Visitors can enjoy the sunrise in the east at early morning. Similarly, the spectacular view of Himalayan range such as Manaslu, Langtang and Everest Range in the North, innumerable rice terraces in West, green forest and Mahabharata range in the South will remain in the mind for the lifetime.

Balthali has been the new destination for local and international tourist from the past few years. The place lies in the eastern part of Kathmandu which is 42 Km from the city. Furthermore, the regular bus from bus station leaves in an hour, which stops in its last destination Panauti bazzar. Similarly, People believed that Panauti is situated on one single rock. Furthermore, the town is populated by the Newar people.

Further Information

The temples, monuments, community shelters can be seen everywhere. The wide courtyards and the remnants of the ancient Durbar square is vivid  still in the center of the town. Hence, if someone waits for a while, then they can also get a bus for the Khopasi which is the starting point for the hike to Balthali.

The environmental friendly resort doesn’t have a parking area in its premises. Similarly, the 100% organic cotton sheets, towels and mattresses is the other attraction of the resort. The resort serves the organic food . They use the gray-water recycling, which is the reuse of kitchen, bath and laundry water for garden and landscaping.

At the end, Duke Nepal Adventure suggests those people who want to take relax after the busy and hectic schedule in Kathmandu to go and stay in the Balthali Eco Hill Resort.

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