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Nepal Sports Tourism

Nepal Sports Tourism

Nepal Sports Tourism

Nepal, The Land of Buddha, The Land of Mount Everest, The Birthplace of Sita. Simply History and Nature has been generous to beslow Nepal with its numerous blessings; the panoramic mountain views, historic pilgrimage sites, bewitching lakes, waterfalls, eye catching sunset, surrounding greenery and many more. Nepal is truly a paradise on Earth engraved in the heart of Asia. Taking an advantage of its spectacular setting, Nepal is trying to develop itself as a sports hub for tourists. Nepal Sports Tourism article talks about possibilities of Sports Tourism in Nepal.

Of late, tourism entrepreneurs have given more focus on adventurous sports such as sky diving, Heli skiing, Paragliding, bungee jumping, rafting, honey hunting, etc. The Sports tourists, especially from Europe, America and china love these games the most.

Now, Just imagine an experience of bungee jumping above the BhoteKhosi river, Paragliding over Phewa lake, rafting on the Trisuli, wow these sites are so mesmerizing. Every person in the world would love to experience that amazing feeling at least once in their lifetime.

Sports & Nepal

As a sports fan, not only the adventurous sports, but the globally loved sports such as cricket and football also can play the good part in bolstering the sports tourism in Nepal.  The picture says it all, more than 20000 spectators gathered together at the TU ground on the occasion of a cricket match between Nepal and Namibia in WCLC just a few months earlier. This shows the love craze and passion of the people for the game. And watching that sight, I thought why can’t we attract the other international teams to play here in Nepal. We have already hosted a tribute game for Philip Hughes and if we can host. Lets say an Indo-Pak game as a neutral venue by improving infrastructures and proper facilities. We can do a lot of bolstering our sports tourism and tourism in overall.

As a stunning gift of nature, Nepal is progressing well in tourism, but the prospect of bolstering the tourism by developing it as a sports hub is just mouth watering.  Simple homework must be done to make it a big reality. But if we do so, we will be seeing Nepal as a Center of Sports tourism in the near future.

Nabin Subedi | Pokhara | Photo: Cricbuzz | Duke Nepal Adventure

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