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Muktinath Temple Tour Package

How to reach Muktinath Temple from India ?

Muktinath is the oldest Lord Bishnu Temple in the universe. It is the most sacred destination for Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims. Muktinath Temple is very famous among Hindu Pilgrims in India. It is the like the Kedarnath of India which lies on the lap of Himalaya. Muktinath Temple Tour is also taken as the journey of salvation.

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi Visited Mukinath

The supreme leader of India Mr Narendra Modi had visited Muktinath Temple in 12th May 2019. He went to Muktinath Temple on special chopper. His visit played vital role to flourish the religious importance of Muktinath Temple throughout the world.

There is two option for you to been in Muktinath Temple. They are fly option and overland option. 

Fly Option

There is only one international airport in Nepal. That is Tribhuwan International Airport in Kathmandu. The airline city code of Kathmandu is KTM. You can easily check the flight schedule and fare from any part of India to Kathmandu.

In Kathmandu, you can visit to Pashupatinath which is the biggest Hindu holy temple in Asia.

Fly Option 1:

Kathmandu-Pokhara-Jomsom(On Flight)

From Jomsom, you can take local jeep or bus to Muktinath. Moreover, you can also trek to Muktinath from Jomsom or you can also do horse ride to Muktinath. Its all depend upon you.

Fly Option 2:

Kathmandu-Pokhara(Flight) and Pokhara to Muktinath(Helicopter)

You can Charter the Helicopter from Pokhara for Muktinath.

Fly Option 3:

Kathmandu-Pokhara(Flight) and Pokhara to Muktinath(Jeep)

You can also go to Muktinath from Pokhara on Private Jeep. It is roughly 10 hour drive. Likewise, you can also get local bus to Jomsom from the Zero Point of Pokhara.

Note: From Kathmandu, you can also get night local bus to Jomsom. It is around 18 hour drive on non-stop local bus.  From Jomsom, you can easily reach to Muktinath on a local bus or local jeep or private hire jeep. Moreover, We can also hire a private 4wd jeep for the whole trip from kathmandu to Muktinath and Vice Versa. Further more, you can also get a luxury tourist bus in Kathmandu for Pokhara.


Overland Option

There are the two easy border from where you can enter to Nepal for Muktinath Temple Tour.

Raxual Border:

You can enter to Birjung from Raxual Border. From Birjung, you can easily get the bus for Pokhara. It is 260 km distance. It will take 7-8 hours to reach at pokhara. From pokhara there are various option for you to go to Muktinath which are already mentioned above.

Sonauli Border:

You can enter to Bhairahawa from Sonauli Border. From Bhairahawa, you can easily get the bus for Pokhara. It is 180 km distance. It will take 6-7 hours to reach at pokhara. From pokhara there are various option for you to go to Muktinath which are already mentioned above.

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