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Muktinath-108 sacred taps

Muktinath-108 sacred taps

Muktinath-108 sacred taps

Muktinath-108 sacred taps is one of the blog by Duke Nepal that takes you to the hidden treasure of Nepal.  The chilled morning breeze of Lower Mustang woke me up.  Furthermore, as I stepped outside my hotel room, I could see the mesmerizing mountains and spectacular landscapes everywhere. Furthermore, I felt like I just woke up in heaven. After a quick shower, we marched to the Muktinath temple which was 20 minutes’ walk from our hotel. There, in Muktinath, were 108 sacred taps where people would take showers and then dip into 2 kundas [Paap (sin) and punya (salvation)].  The story behind 108 taps, according to Hindu Astrology, says that it is the product of 12 Zodiacs and 9 Planets, so bathing from all these 108 taps helps to keep us healthy and prosperous.

It is amazing to see how devotees can take a shower is all those taps and Kundas in the freezing cold temperature. Furthermore, Muktinath temple is a sacred place for both Hindu and Buddhist lies at the altitude of 3,710 meters. The interesting part of visiting the temple is to see how unity is being promoted among the people.

Muktinath has its own story. According to Swasthani Barta, after the death of Sati,  lord Shiva carried her body and wandered places. Muktinath is one of them. Similarly, many people visit “Muktinath” as a final destination of their “four Dhaam” yatra to finally get salvation, other visit to see and feel the beauty of Mother Nature.

As per the Buddhists’ belief, Guru Rinpoche or Padmasambhava (founder of Tibetan Buddhism) mediated in Muktinath. According to Tibetan Buddhists, Muktinath-ChumigGyatsa (hundred waters) is the home of 21 Taras (stars).

Sanju Dongol | Kathmandu |  Duke Nepal

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