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Janakpur Tour Package

Janakpur Tour Package

Janakpur Tour Package

Janakpur lies 392 kilometers east from capital city,Kathmandu. This city is one of the great religious place which is widely popular as birth place of lord Sita. Similarly, it is one of the oldest city which was popular as Mithila in the ancient civilization. Sita, then was married to lord Ram, the ruler of then Mithila and the symbol of victory. Janakpur is one of the popular place for learning the Hindu culture and Hinduism Philosophy.  It is one of the religious site which is popular among both Nepalese and Indian community. As Janakpur is just 14 Km far from Nepal Indo Border, it has been luring Indian pilgrims from very long time. Janakpur tour package is the popular tour packages that lures both Hindu and other communities of the world.

The Temple

Janakpur’s most significant site to visit is Ram Janaki temple is the masterpiece by Queen Vrisha Bhanu of India in 1910 A.D.  Furthermore, this temple is most see site for any architecture lover as this temple is popular as the most important model of Koiri architecture in Nepal. The temple has an area of 4,860 sq. feet with 60 rooms and three storied structure. Stones and Marbles are the only and prime materials that makes this temple the site that we are seeing today.  According to legends and epics, King Janak ruled this area (called Videha) during the Ramayana period.  The temple construction started in 1895 and was completed in 1911. All the rooms of the temple is designed with coloured glass, engravings and paintings, with beautiful lattice windows and turrets.


The area has larger population if Maithilis, which are predominant inhabitants from the past. Maithilis has their own rich art, language and script. Mithila art, an integral part of Mithila architecture is quite popular many parts of Nepal and India.  Furthermore, Janakpur is also being successful in attraction more visitors with its beautiful holy pools. Ram Janaki temple is widely popular as Taj Mahal of India, one of the wonders of the world.

Pilgrims, in thousands visit the temple at year end i.e, November/December as temple organizes Vivah Pachami  to enlighten the marriage ceremony of Lord Ram and Sita. The Vivah Pachami is the marriage ceremony that continues for 5 days. Similarly, Janakpur is accessible via Road and air as well. The Janakpur accommodates its visitors with different quality accommodation centers ranging from small lodges to deluxe property.

The recent visit of Indian Prime Minister Narenda Modi has amplified the religious importance of Janakpur and is sure to dramatically increase the Indian guest in coming years. Similarly, Janakpur is not only the place for Hindu tourist but it can be equally appealing for all tourist who will to know about ancient architecture.

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Day 1:    Kathmandu
Arrival  at Kathmandu  and transfer to hotel.

Day 2:    Kathmandu  Sighseeing
Kathmandu Sightseeing

Day 3:    Kathmandu- Janakpur

Day 4:    Janakpur Sightseeing
Visit to Janaki Temple, Bibaha Mandap, Ram Mandir, Jaleswor Mahadev Temple.

Day 5:    Janakpur-Kathmandu

Day 6:    Departure to onward destination.

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