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Ireland lifts travelling warnings

Ireland Lifted Its Restriction For Travelling Nepal

Ireland Lifts travelling warnings of Nepal

Nepal, after the devastating earthquake, Nepali diplomats have taken initiation to clear confusion and doubts over Nepal.  Now,  Ireland lifts travelling warnings to visit Nepal.

The Nepali Ambassador to Ireland Tej Bahadur Chhetri requests to slow down the travel boundaries on the country one year after it was hit by a earthquake. Last year the government of Ireland issued the strict travel warnings to its citizen from devastating earthquake.  Most of the district in hilly region is in pain after the 7.8 magnitude earthquake on April 25, 2015. The several jolts after April 25 and 7.3 magnitude jolts struck on 12 May caused significant damage.  The government of Nepal issued the press release by saying Nepal is safe travel after the one months of earthquake.

Trekking In Nepal

The trekking agencies couldn’t send Irish Mountaineers to Nepal due to the previous travel advisory which made it difficult to get travel insurance. Furthermore, Irish travelers come to Nepal for voluntarism, holidays, trekking, climbing and on a work trip. Similarly, an Irish trekking agency which sends climbing expedition groups to different parts of the world is planning to send hundreds of adventurers to Nepal this year.

Similarly, The lifting of travel warning by the Irish government came after a recent meeting of Nepalese delegates, led by the acting Nepalese Ambassador to the UK and Ireland Mr. Tej Bahadur Chhetri, with the officials of Department of Foreign Affairs in Dublin.

Similarly, many countries, including UK, US, and New Zealand, have lifted travel restrictions to Nepal. This helps to the hard-hit tourism sector of Nepal, after the earthquake.

Duke Nepal | Kathmandu | Photo: Himalayan Times 

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