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Indian Food Hippie Trail

Indian food in hippie trail

Indian food in hippie trail
Front view of the cafe

Front view of the cafe

Indian Food Hippie Trail blog introduces you to food cultures in Kathmandu.Freak street, the hippie trial during the 1960s to 1970s because of the government-run hashish shop. Hippies from the different part of the world travel Kathmandu in search of real cannabis. Still Freak street has its own charm for the travelers. If you walk through the alley and narrow street then you will find the number of café, restaurants and the shops where you can taste the local and by the Nepali souvenirs.

Today I was passing by the Freak street. I saw the small local café where locals and foreigners were enjoying the Indian foods. The place is known as Janakpur Janaki Litti Bhandar. I also became very curious and went inside. The people from Janakpur open this place a year before. Janakpur is located in the Eastern Terai of Nepal and is one of the historical and religious sites of Nepal where the Hindu goddess Sita was born. The main focus of the Jankpur is Janaki Mandir, which is  one of the important Hindu pilgrimage site.

Though the most famous food in Nepal is dall, Bhaat and Tarkarri.  We have a lot of influence in Indian food. Nepali food is much less spicy than Indian food, but and the Indian food you find in Nepal has its own spicy flavour. The Indian influence was only confined to the Southwestern part of Nepal.  But now in Kathmandu there are lots of local café and restaurants where travelers can find the cheap and tasty Indian foods.

In Janakpur Janaki Litti Bhandar you can find the Samosa Chat, Pani Puri, Aloo Chop, Chickpeas and so on. The food is really delicious and very cheap. The bunch of local peoples and foreigners gave positive feedback about the food. The people from the shop are very much conscious of the service

Duke Nepal highly recommend you to go and have a cheap and delicious food in Freak street.



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