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Inclusive Duke Nepal Adventure

Inclusive Duke Nepal Adventure

Inclusive Duke Nepal Adventure

Duke Nepal Adventure has been very much active in Tourism field since the opening of the office in Lazimpat. Promoting Nepal, its culture, tradition, place, people and giving the right information about Nepal is the main aim of Duke Nepal Adventure. Inclusive Duke Nepal Adventure tells you about social work done by Duke Nepal.

Similarly, Traveling and organizing the tour and a trip for the travelers protecting the places we visit and taking care of the destinations is important to us. Furthermore, Besides that we are also providing job opportunity, to different people who belong to the different community is the opening goal of the Duke Nepal. Bishal Dulal who have visual problem is working with us right now in the office.

What is visually impaired problem?

  • Loss of visual acuity and inability of the person to see objects as clearly as a healthy person
  • Loss of visual field meaning inability of an individual to see as wide an area as the average person without moving the eyes or turning the head.
  • Photophobia – inability to look at light
  • Diplopia – double vision
  • Visual distortion or distortion of images
  • Visual perceptual difficulties or difficulties of perception
  • Or any combination of the above features
About Bishal Dulal

Here comes the short bio written by Bishal Dulal,

Hello, I am Bishal Dulal. I am originally from Chitwan which lies in the southern part of Nepal. I passed my childhood in my village. Similarly,  I completed School Leaving Certificate from Siddhi Vinayak Secondary Boarding School. I come to Kathmandu for pursuing my higher study. Furthermore, I get admitted college name Reliance International Academy in management stream I passed my intermediate level, then I joined Pashupati multiple campus for studying Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Rural development.

Similarly, I am person with visual disabilities. Similarly, I became visually impaired disabilities due to the damage to nerves of the eyes.

Furthermore, I operate computer and mobile easily with the help of screen reading software name jaws. Similarly, I also know some knowledge about html. I can easily study the course book.

Furthermore, I operate different social media like Facebook, gmail, twitter, etc. I communicate with the peoples around the world.

I am one of the formal council members of US Embassy Youth Advisory Council, 2015.

Similarly, I have been doing volunteer work with Gwahali, an organization who works for differently disabled people. I am awarded as a volunteer of the year 2015.

Bishal Dulal | Kathmandu | Duke Nepal Adventure

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