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Helambu : ‘Hyolmo’ language

Helambu : ‘Hyolmo’ language

Helambu : ‘Hyolmo’ language

Talking about tourism, Nepal is considered to be the primitive choice for people from all over the globe. Helambu : Hyolmo Language is one of the blog that tells you about unique culture of Nepal. Nepal, a small landlocked country residing in the beautiful southern Asia is the paradise on earth. There are several places, where a person can’t believe his eyes, within the natural fantasy of Nepali periphery. Talking about the northern (snow-claded) part of the country, there lies a beautiful valley named “Helambu Valley” situated at the altitude range of 2400m-3000m from the sea level, on the northernmost part of Himalayan district Sindhupalchowk. Similarly, The valley is accessible by tourist tracks that follow the path to Langtang National Park.

Similarly, “Helambu Valley”, representing various small villages like Timbu, Nakote, Shermathnag, Kutumsang, Tarkeghyang, Melamchi Ghuang, falls under the glorifying Mt. Dorje Lakhpa (6966m). Helambu is very famous for red apples. The main dwellers of this place are “Hyolmo”, an indigenous group of people similar to Sherpas. The actual meaning of the name of this place is “Helabhu”.

Since this place produces huge quantities of potato and radish it iscalled “Helabhu”. Apart from the agricultural Perspect, this place is very famous for the rare Hyolmo civilization, culture and art. Similarly, the major religion accompanied by the people of this place has its own glory of development of the ancient animal (Yak) husbandry trend of his modern era. Similarly, Helambu is the origin place of ‘Hyolmo’ language.  ‘Home’ language is lightly similar to Sherpa language. The major attractions of this place are Ama Yangri, Dhugpu, Milarepa Cave etc.


Similarly, the abundant number of people of this place is engaged in agriculture. There is the facility of lodging and fooding on the way and in the destination, Helambu Valley. Furthermore, the evergreen coniferous forest and the white snow claded roof of the nature are the most attractive part of visiting this place. The panoramic view of sky touching Amayangri and Mt. Lakpa Dorje caught anyone’s attraction. Similarly, the ever flowing crystal clear river gives a natural audit to all.

Furthermore, After visiting to Helambu anyone become compelled to draw a conclusion that “Visiting Helambu quenched the thirst to love nature”.

Kiran Neupane | Kathmandu  | Photo: Himalayan Quest

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