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Heavenly City Pokhara

Heavenly City Pokhara

Heavenly City Pokhara

Pokhara, the second largest city of Nepal, is a center of attraction for a lot of inhabitant. Because of its climate, people are mainly attracted towards this place. As people know Pokhara¬†as “Heavenly City Pokhara” undoubtedly people here are right as a small trip of Pokhara makes you realize that it is heaven.

Suitable environment, favorable climate, developed in every aspect and a natural capital of the country.

Who wouldn’t want to settle in such a place??

Pokhara, a small Newari bazaar in the Sixties, with a population of 20,611 inhabitants in 1971, is today the main city of the WDR.

It is so due to massive migration over the last two decades. A city lying at the very center of the rural and international migration movements.

Internal migration has led to substantial changes in the social composition of the city.

The development of Pokhara took place on an extensive and ribbon wise way in the beginning. As the city was flourishing in the form of commercial center along the transportation route.

Pokhara Sub-Metropolitan City is one of the rapidly urbanizing cities of Nepal. Although urbanization is the driving force of modernization, there is increasing concern about the effects of expanding cities, principally on human health and the environment. Population increase is one of the most obvious agents responsible for urbanization.

Good educational institutions, hospitals, governmental offices, diplomatic missions and the important complexes and buildings are centered at the city due to which people shift to these area by leaving the rural villages temporarily or permanently. Pokhara sub-metropolis is selected because of its rapid process of urbanization.

Anukul Regmi | Pokhara |  Photo: ICIMOD

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