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Gorkha Gaun

Gorkha Gaun

Gorkha Gaun

Nepal has one practice, may be its the same all over the world. Once you are rich enough to afford city life, you leave your village and start living in the city.  Instead of trying to develop your village, you abandon it. Gorkha Gaun is one of the best destination in Nepal for nature lovers and those who wants to experience rural tourism.

Though development is essential, sometimes not being developed can also be an opportunity, you just need to know how to grab the underdevelopment. Gorkha Gaun resort is one perfect example of the utilization of such opportunity.

10 minutes rough road drive will take you to the resort. you wont realize its a resort unless you enter inside the luxurious deluxe rooms. No concrete high walls, no modern gate, no guard on his obvious duty dress. You will just see a village with identical houses.

Further Information!

You will be greeted by local people (working in the resort) who would give you the feel of village by the traditional dress they wear.  smiling village people trying to serve you as much as they can will assign you the respective rooms.

Wait!! Don’t go until they take you, you may not know how to open that traditional lock of the room. Though a village looking resort you will find every thing you find in deluxe hotels in city.

Clean rooms with mud painted walls, modern toilet with stone tiles, an example of advancement inside underdevelopment .

Gorkha Gaun resort is a  man made village inside a natural village. If you have a look of it from distance, it will look like  an artists painting, and its painted in the nature.

Such projects can definitely help in the existence of village. I must say some people are urbanizing and others are resortizing that also in traditional way.

-Banita Khanal

Image: https://goo.gl/0licWk

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